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Kimi no na wa – Actual reason behind success revealed by NHK

Kimi no na wa (your name) is one of the biggest anime blockbuster of the year, which took the world by storm! The movie was made and directed by Makoto Shinkai, because of which he has been referred as the next Miyazaki of the Japan. However he himself said that those claim made by the media and fans are over exaggerated claims and he himself confessed that he still have a long way to go.

Makoto Shinkai vs Kimi no na wa Haters
Kimi no na wa – Mitsu and taki

For Makoto Shinkai, the success of Kimi no na wa was nothing but a big surprise, that he never expected all this. In an interview he said that he just wanted this movie to be a hit, but it became super-blockbuster of the year! Not only that, in an recent interview posted by Japanese news paper Japan Times, he advised his fans and people to not watch the movie, because he still thinks the movie was unbalanced and not complete.

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Mitsuha
Kimi No Na Wa – Mitsuha

He also mentioned that he is happy that he is referred as the new Miyazaki of Japan, its like a dream come true for him but he is still not at his level, although out of all the people he really does not want Miyazaki to see his movie, because he will find all the flaws in the movie. For more details you can refer to this article – Don’t watch “Your name” movie says Makoto Shinkai!. With all the denial and acceptance going back and forth, we came across an interesting article shared by NHK Japanese TV channel on their website, which reveals the actual reason behind the success of the movie Kimi no na wa.

Kimi no na wa’s actual success revealed by NHK

The article was shared by NHK on their website in the month of November at that time, the movie was still on the 3rd place and it didn’t surpassed Howl’s moving castle which was the second highest anime movie of Japan after Spirited away, made by none other than Studio Ghibli.

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Mitsuha meets Taki
Kimi No Na Wa – Mitsuha meets Taki

NHK stated that, the previous movies made by Makoto Shinkai could only earn almost 100 Million Yen from the box office. His popularity was limited and hence it was nearly impossible for Shinkai to grab such large amount of popularity, and Shinkai himself didn’t expect things like this, when asked the reason behind the success of this mega hit. Shikai said – “I don’t know.” So this time NHK took the initiative tried to analyze the success and eventually reached to a possible conclusion that could be the reason behind the overwhelming success of Kimi no na wa.

RADWIMPS are the first real catalyst behind the MEGA HIT

The graph of reviews based on before and after the movie release, shows that the real catalyst behind the mega hit was none other than the rock band RADWIMPS who was in charge of making music/songs for the movie. The graph by NHK shows that majority of the people mentioned the theme song in their reviews because of which the movie became hit. Considering the theme song as the catalyst, NHK went in depth to get some more details and they found out that the theme song for the movie was just released before the movie and was a big hit.

The song was exceptionally popular among the teenagers and received astonishing hits due to social media shares. Not only that some people liked it so much that they started making covers and uploaded their videos on Youtube and Facebook because of which the song received more views and eventually people started talking about the actual Kimi no na wa movie. The sales of the song were higher than expected on the first week and then from the second week the movie was also added in the list which further accelerated on the growth.

REALITY – The second catalyst behind the MEGA HIT

Social media shares and song covers proved to be a great asset in making the movie hit. However, the popularity achieved through social media shares and songs shouldn’t last this long but it did! Because of which it makes us and NHK think that there is a second catalyst that helped Kimi no na wa become the Mega hit of the year, and that catalyst is none other than “Reality”- the combination of music and video in the movie and finally the realistic emotions combined with realistic but fictional setting is behind Mega Hit.

Kimi no na wa - Taki
Kimi no na wa – Taki

First of all we did mentioned in the movie review that the songs and overall music in the movie was really good, and it helped to draw out more emotions from the movie. According to NHK this was one of the deciding factors behind kimi no na wa’s success. People really liked the music in the movie which acted as a mood setter and on top of it the landscapes, town, city and the overall scenery were all real, so when you combined that with a setting of body-swap between two genders people visualized themselves in place of Taki and Mitsuha. The embarrassment and the emotion Taki and Mistuha felt people started imagining that.

The story in the middle gets a bit complicated to understand however, that complication didn’t affected the audience because they started to reach a suitable explanation by putting themselves in place of main characters. If we ever swapped bodies with someone we will become curious to know the other person right? and if we suddenly find out that the person we swapped bodies with will die, we will try to save that person because we are deeply involved with each other.

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Mitsuha and Taki
Kimi No Na Wa – Mitsuha and Taki

After that if we forget everything related to body swap and the other person whom we exchanged bodies then we will desperately try to search that other person because of the deep involvement.  Even if we try to convince that what happened was just a dream its nearly impossible to ignore those missing emotions and feelings. The emotions displayed in the movie was definitely not love but it was friendship and the desperate feeling to save someone because we know that person, are realistic conditions. These realistic emotions, feelings and the realistic backgrounds combined with music and social media shares made kimi no na wa, a Mega Hit.

[Original article source – NHK Japan]

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