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Kuroko No Basket Food wars My Hero Academia Updates 2017

Kuroko No Basket, Food wars, My Hero Academia Updates 2017 – As the title suggests we have some updates on these three new Anime series that are coming in 2017. Kuroko No Basket got a movie adaptation, Food wars got an OVA adaptation and My Hero Academia Season 2 got confirmed. These news were expected but we have some more updates on them.

New updates
New updates

Kuroko No Basket : The Last Game Update

The official website of Kuroko No basket : The last game, began streaming a new teaser trailer for the movie on Monday. The new movie is based on the sequel manga of Kuroko No Basket which has the same title as the movie. The new teaser trailer video highlights the antagonist team/opponent team “Jabberwock.”

Previously the official website revealed two characters of Jabberwock, Nash Gold Jr. and Jason Silver. Hikaru Midorikawa will play the role of Nash Gold Jr. and Inada Tetsu will play the role of Jason Silver in the Movie.

Kuroko No Basket Movie
Kuroko No Basket Movie

The film opens in Japanese theaters on 18th March 2017.

Food Wars : Shokugeki No Soma Update

The official website of Food Wars : Shokugeki No Soma, began streaming promotional video for Jump Special Anime Festa. The promotional video features new OVA where Megumi invites everyone who passed stagiaire, for a trip to hot spring resort.

The official website also revealed the new key visual poster for the upcoming Food wars : Shokugeki No Soma OVA, which features Megumi, Erina and Asato.

Shokugeki No Soma OVA
Shokugeki No Soma OVA

The new Food wars : Shokugeki No Soma OVA is set to release on 2nd May 2017. It first premiered in Jump Special Anime Festa event that took place on November 27th.

My Hero Academia Season 2 Update

Yesterday, My hero academia or Boku No Hero Academia, revealed first promotional teaser video for Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 (My Hero Academia Season 2). Today once again they revealed new teaser for the second season which features new unknown villain/antagonist for season 2.

The website also revealed new key visual for Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 (My Hero Academia Season 2) which features the new villain for the season 2 of the anime series.

Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 Key Visual Poster
Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 Key Visual Poster

For now Boku No Hero Academia Season 2 has no exact release date, we only know that the anime season 2 is set to release in 2017. We will let you know about it once the details are out!

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