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Makoto Shinkai vs Kimi no na wa Haters – Shinkai’s response to haters!!

Kimi no na wa - Makoto Shinaki

Makoto Shinkai vs Kimi no na wa Haters – As we are all aware that Kimi no na wa is a huge massive hit anime of this year (2016). Made none other by Makoto Shinkai who made movies like 5 centimeters per second and The Garden of words. The movie Kimi no na wa or Your Name is a massive global hit, and is the second best animated movie after Spirited away, which was made by Studio Ghibli.

People who loved this movie, Hailed Shinkai as the next Hayao Miyazaki. However Shinkai said that as an over exaggeration and he himself considers Kimi no na wa’s success as pure luck. No matter the movie is massive hit, and everyone liked it. However when you flip the coin, you will find people who hated it. Despite all the success, we too mentioned the flaws in our review that were present in the movie.

Makoto Shinkai vs Kimi no na wa Haters
Makoto Shinkai vs Kimi no na wa Haters

Well if you think properly, then its quite easy to understand that its a job of a reviewer to check all pros and cons and give the honest review. And that’s what we did, we mentioned good things and bad things and how the bad things were later balanced out at the end but it still created a brief amount of confusion.

However we mentioned that the movie was not bad and in fact it was great but over-hyped despite all the confusion it created. You can read the full review here – Kimi no na wa review. Now as i said earlier, there are also people in the world who hated this movie and now Finally Makoto Shinkai, has responded to all haters comments!

Makoto Shinkai vs Kimi no na wa Haters

Kimi no na wa Poster
Kimi no na wa Poster

Now before getting to what Shinkai said lets see haters views and comments on the Kimi no na wa movie

“Shinkai sold his soul for financial success”

“If you make a movie with lots of catchy, trendy elements, it’s not hard to make over 10 billion yen at the box office.”

“He just mixed together various common motifs, so of course the movie is gonna be popular.”

“Shinkai threw away his artistic style to make the movie a hit.”

“Looking at the movie as a professional, it’s not interesting at all.” – Tatsuya Egawa (Golden Boy artist).

From all the Shinkai’s movies i have watched until now, I’ve came to understand one thing. Makoto Shinkai prioritizes art and emotion over story, and its no different with kimi no na wa, and hence the review we wrote make perfect justice to Shinkai’s priorities on art and emotion over story. But still i thought that Shinkai is used to people’s negative criticism, however this time he unexpectedly responded to back :-

“Well, maybe they’re actually right about Your Name not being very good. But at the same time, if it’s that easy for them to make a successful anime, by all means, they should go right ahead and make one too. I didn’t aim for the box office numbers; those are just the result of the movie being what it is. After all, it’s hard to sell something that’s specifically created to be sold.”

Certainly Shinkai is right, because after all, it took 12 years for him to reach at this level of popularity, and he himself previously said that he wasn’t expecting the movie to be this successful! Its not easy to create Anime which will become financial hit! You need luck and hard work to reach the level of popularity Your name achieved.

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