Naruto Shinden Anime Schedule

Naruto Shinden Anime will continue till February 2017!!

Naruto Shinden Anime From 1st December onward, Naruto Shippuden got a new Anime continuation based on Naruto’s Hiden/Shinden Light Novels. These Light Novels are written by none other than “Ukyou Kodachi” who is currently in charge of ‘story writing’ for Boruto Manga and some other contributors. Apparently the latest news by Animenewsnetwork states that Naruto Shinden Anime will continue till February 2017.

Naruto Shinden Anime details

Naruto Shinden Anime, started with Sasuke’s story – the book of sunrise  written by Towasa Shin, it began from  1st December onward which will end in December/January. The second part will cover Shikamaru’s story, which will be released in the month of January. The story is written by Yano Takashi and the third part will cover Konoha Hiden – Shuugen Biyori (Konoha Hiden – The perfect day for a wedding), which is written by Hinata Shou. Which will be released in month of February.

Naruto Shinden Anime
Naruto Shinden Anime

Konoha Hiden – Shuugen Biyori (Konoha Hiden – The perfect day for a wedding) wriiten by Hinaya Shou contains a part of Naruto and Hinata’s wedding in fact the whole novel is based on that. Which is something we all have been waiting for after watching Boruto: Naruto the Movie and The Last: Naruto the Movie. Previously the Naruto Shippuden Anime covered,  Shounen Jidai hen also known as Boyhood arc which features the untold story from Naruto’s childhood days when the Kyuubi was sealed within him.

So for now it is confirmed that the next 3 months or you could say next two months i.e January and February, we are going to get episodes based on these light novels which tells the story that happened after the 2 years of fourth great Ninja war. The Naruto Shippuden Episode 484, which was released yesterday i.e Thursday 2016. Marked the start of the new light novel anime. And the Light novels of Naruto are sort of unexplored territory which stores content which we are not aware of. And it certainly have something interesting to offer and Naruto Shippuden Episode 484 proved that for us.

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