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Naruto Shippuden Episode 484 – Sasuke shinden is interesting!!

Naruto Shippuden Episod 484 - Sasuke Featured

Naruto Shippuden Episode 484 – Well finally today we get to see Sasuke Shinden and looks like things are going to be a lot more interesting from here onward. Well i am lot more interested to see Sasuke’s character development as a decent shinobi. But more than that i am glad that we are getting all romantic elements that we were yearning for.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 484 Review

Its true, the first episode of Sasuke shinden gave me the feeling that this story is going to be an interesting one. Even though the arc looks promising episode wise it has some defects. No i am not talking about the story or animation in fact i love all the mature characters and its good to see that Naruto’s hair is not short in this arc. However regarding the abilities of two characters, Hinata and Chouji i have few complaints. Although we will get to that part later, first i think its essential to tell you what this arc is really about.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 484 – Story Summary

Naruto and Sakura visits Kakashi, however unlike Naruto who just tagged along, Sakura has a legit and definitive reason for meeting Kakashi. Sakura tells about how the hidden leaf shinobi are missing and something is not right about this. Kakashi confesses that he knows about this too, however when asked why she is investigating something like this – Sakura tells that one of the regulars from Ino’s shop went missing and that’s why something about this is bugging her. However soon they hear a big explosion at the entrance gate of Konoha.

Naruto and Sakura went to check out what’s happening, and they witness Shinobi’s fighting against people who are attacking the village and are on defensive instead of being offensive. Ino and her team and Hinata also arrives at the gate and upon closer look they are convinced that Shinobi who are attacking the leaf are the ones who went missing. That’s why shinobis who are defending the place are on defensive.

Naruto Shippuden Episod 484 - Naruto
Naruto Shippuden Episod 484 – Naruto

Since the guys who were attacking the village were once the shinobi and the residents of the village. It was easy to make out that these guys were under control, however under the inspection of Hinata’s Byakugan and Sakura’s medical skills, it became clear that they were under control because of some kind of chakra flowing inside them, which in fact became part of their body and once removed they will die.

However one more thing came into light, when someone among the attackers get hurt the special chakra leaks out and they explode. Somehow Naruto and others manage to stop them and then upon the closer medical inspection Kakashi decides to call Sasuke back and make him the in charge of this mission. Sasuke on his way back meets the exploding humans and figures out with his sharing that these exploding humans are under some kind of genjutsu made by visual prowess which can be nothing more than a kekkei genkai and that’s where the episode ends.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 484 – Good Points

Well for the story i really can’t say anything for now because the arc just started, but from the first episode of the arc, The story seems to be an interesting one and i am really excited to see what this story will offer us. So you will have to wait until i give my opinions on the story. Second thing i liked in this episode is how they are showing the progress of relationship between characters through their facial expressions. Also i am looking forward to see what kind of relationship developments the characters have went through!

Naruto Shippuden Episod 484 - Characters
Naruto Shippuden Episod 484 – Characters

So its safe to assume that Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke, Sakura are progressing forward with their relationship slowly and steadily. Also the personality, behavior and attitude of every other character that was featured in this episode has developed several levels compared to how it was in the fourth great ninja war. They all seems to be matured! Personally i liked the Sasuke’s development, he is calm and caring and in fact now he thinks more about other people and that really shows how deeply the final battle which he fought with Naruto affected him.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 484 – Bad points/Flaws

The episode was rushed, well at least i think like that because the pace was too fast for me. However since the story looks pretty simple it was easy to understand what was going on despite the fast pace. Although its not mandatory to mention the fast pacing as flaw because of the simple story, but still i think it as an important flaw, since it made episode look shorter, after 2 weeks of break we get an interesting episode and we are all hyped to watch it but its pace is too fast and that kills all the joy and hype. So basically what i mean is, because of the fast pace the episode makes me think that i really want to watch more.

Naruto Shippuden Episod 484 - Sasuke
Naruto Shippuden Episod 484 – Sasuke

The second flaw is regarding the abilities of two characters Hinata and Chouji. Its seems that they made these two character less durable. Chouji used that secret jutsu because of which he gets wings and becomes slim, he used that jutsu for just few minutes and he got tired and soon Hinata came into the picture and used tenketsu to block the chakra points of the controlled shinobis and then she almost fainted! I was like WTF in the world was that? why did they made these two less durable. After 2 years of war they should have gotten stronger but this was quite opposite.

Update : Regarding Hinata’s fainting after she used tenketsu, i thought that studio Pierrot made her weak, however according to the novels Sasuke shinden takes place after Naruto and Hinata get married. So fans are speculating that she might be pregnant with Boruto at that time. However its just theory and we can’t say anything about it. Because we are getting adaptation on Konoha Hiden/Shinden light novel which shows Naruto and Hinata’s wedding at the end.

Wrapping up

Since this was the first episode of the Sasuke Shinden arc, it makes us feel that this arc is going to be an interesting one. However, i am still skeptical about my views as we are still not aware of how the other episodes will progress. So all i mean that i have expectations that this arc will be a good one but for now i am still keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyways, that’s it for today! I would like to hear your views on this episode, do you liked it? or do you hate it? State your views on it i will be glad to hear them. Also, one final thing – If you’re interested in knowing what will be the episodes of Naruto Shippuden in coming weeks and in next month take a look at this time table – Naruto Shippuden November-December Timetable.

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