Netflix is allowing Android & iPhone users to download Anime!!

Netflix allowing download – Netflix announced that users/subscribers can download anime series for “offline viewing,” However this feature is only available for Android and iPhone users. This new feature is available for all Netflix subscribers from all regions and territories and offers a way to binge watch without streaming!

Netflix is allowing Android & iPhone users to download Anime

Currently this available is only available on their Android and iOS apps. So PC Users have to wait for this new feature. However we are not aware of when they are going to launch this downloading feature for PC users. As for now there is no other option other than sitting and waiting.

Netflix originally was teasing this feature for a while and fans speculated that only “Netflix’s original content,” will be available for download. However this feature is also available for the third party content. Also the list for downloading anime series is different for different regions and territories. So basically US will have different list compared to India and so on..

Netflix Anime For Android and iOS
Netflix Anime For Android and iOS

One more thing is that users/subscribers won’t be able to keep these downloads forever! Meaning, the downloaded anime series can only be watched on the Netflix Android and iOS app, which will launch without an internet connection. Finally some anime series with also come with a certain time limit, so basically if Boku No Hero Academia Season 1 came with time limit of 48 hours. Then you have no choice but to watch the entire first season of Boku No Hero Academia within the time limit of 48 Hours

Still, this is one long awaited and requested feature and this is in fact a good way to make anime series available for the people who don’t want to use all their Internet data and basically this is good feature for the people who want to watch anime series on their smartphones without buffering it. In my case i would definitely use this feature to watch anime series while travelling, this is certainly a profitable feature to pass all the brief free time period that people get while travelling. So what do you think about this new feature? are you planning to use it?

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