Top 10 Japanese Korean dramas and movies you must on New Year!!

Top 10 Japanese Korean dramas – So its been quite a while since i wrote a recommendation list on any Japanese or Korean drama, ever since i wrote the first ever recommendation which was – Top 17 Japanese drama you should watch right now!! In that list i never included any Korean drama, but now that i have watched some of them i am going to recommend them right now, in this article.

Top 10 Japanese Korean dramas and movies you must on New Year!!

Note : I have watched only few Korean dramas/movies so some of you might not be satisfied with the list but i promise that i will update the list as soon as i watch some more!

01. Angry Mom – Korean Drama

List - Top 10 Japanese Korean dramas
Angry Mom – Korean Drama

The main character of this drama, is a high school kid who is bullied in school one day her mother finds this out and try to confront her, although the main character is afraid to confess and hence she (her mother) asks for the help from school teachers but the bullying continues. Her mom used to be a delinquent in high school and she dropped out due to some issues, now she decides to be a high school kid once again in order to protect her daughter from bullying!

The story is pretty straightforward and simple as explained above! However, the story gets pretty dark and complex as it progresses further and gives you something that you have never from a drama with a straightforward story like this. According to me this drama should get a 5/5 star rating, a highly recommended must watch drama.

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02. Train to Busan – Korean Movie

Top 10 Japanese Korean dramas
Train to Busan – Korean Movie

Train to Busan is a Zombie apocalypse movie similar to World war Z however, its far better. Its the story about a man and his daughter who is estranged on a high speed train travelling from Seoul to Busan, in a middle of Zombie outbreak. At first it looks an ordinary Zombie movie with ordinary and common story, however it manages to grab your attention with sound tracks used appropriately at appropriate situations and the acting is also great. It should get 4/5 star rating.

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03. A Gentleman’s dignity – Korean Drama

Top 10 Japanese Korean dramas
A gentleman’s dignity – Korean Drama

A drama about four middle aged men, which shows their failures, success, achievements, love and break ups. Pretty much everything packed in one drama which consist 20 episodes. Another highly recommended drama after Angry Mom, which should get 4.5/5 rating from me!!

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04. Baby and I – Korean Movie

Top 10 Japanese Korean dramas
Baby and I – Korean Movie

What happens when a 18 year old problem kid takes care of a toddler when his parents are away? Well this movie is about that. It contains a pretty common story however, the character development of the main lead in this movie is awesome, which shows how a person can change under different circumstances. – 4/5 Rating from me!

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05. Blood and Ties – Korean Movie

Top 10 Japanese Korean dramas
Blood and Ties – Korean Movie

This a highly recommended Korean Movie a psychological and thrill with a unique theme, The main character of this movie lives with her father, who dies of mental work and after her death, one day she goes on a movie with her boyfriend, which is based on unsolved crime of a real life. A man kidnaps a boy and demands ransom from his parents and then later the kidnapped boy is found dead. The only clue to catch the kidnapper is the ransom call kidnapper made to the parents. At the end of the movie they play the actual recorded audio from the phone call, and when the main character hears that, she get frozen as the voice from the recording sounds like her father’s voice, who died from mental work. Definitely a 4.5/5 star rating movie.

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06. Bitter Blood – Japanese Drama

Bitter blood Drama
Bitter blood – Japanese Drama

Bitter blood drama, is a father-son story filled with, thrill, excitement and fun! The main character is played Sato Takeru, who played the role of Himura Kenshin in live action movie adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin. Sato is playing the role of rookie detective Sahara Natsuki, who is forced to team up with his father Akimura Shimao (Watanabe Atsuro). Sahara Natsuki and his sister got separated from his parents after their divorce, so teaming up with his father at work comes more of a shock to both of them but because of this the drama is fun to watch. A great drama which you must watch!! – 4.5/5 star rating from me.

If you want you can read the full review here – Bitter Blood Japanese drama review.

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07. Kodoku No Gurume – Japanese drama

Kodoku No Gurume
Kodoku No Gurume – Japanese drama

Now now now.. This drama is bit special, and its specially made for those guys who love food. Because of which it doesn’t have any stories. It just follows the daily life of a man who travel throughout Japan and sometime overseas because of his work and because of that he tends to get more hungry and hence he decided to eat everywhere he travel, by becoming a solitary gourmet. To be honest with a story like this you may think that its an OK drama but, in fact its so good that this drama has five seasons in total!  – 4.5/5 star rating from me.

If you want you can read the full review here – Kodoku No Gurume complete review.

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08. Career – Japanese drama

Top 10 Japanese Korean dramas
Career -Japanese Drama

I finished this drama 2 days go and its very interesting, so i decided to add this drama into my recommendation list. This drama is pretty similar to HERO, a Japanese drama i recommended in the list of  Top 17 Japanese drama you should watch right now!! The main character of this drama named “Toyama Kinishiro” is the newly appointed police chief at Kitamachi police station who firmly believes that the duty of the police is to listen every voice of innocent citizen and protect and maintain the peace in community. Like a normal police chief he doesn’t work from his desk but he leaves the office and investigate the crime no matter how small or trivial it may be, on his own, and manages to find clues that nobody finds. Because of this unorthodox approach, his subordinates starts to hate him. It should get 3.9/5 rating fro me.

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09. Age Harassment – Japanese drama

Top 10 Japanese Korean dramas
Age Harassment – Japanese Drama

Before watching the above mentioned “Career Drama,” i watched this drama which depicts how are women oppressed and harassed in corporate level. But at the same time it shows the life of women who stand against this kind of oppression. Thus delivering a very strong & valuable message!! A highly recommended drama from me that you must watch also this should get 5/5 rating from me.

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10. Biri Gyaru – Japanese Movie

Top 10 Japanese Korean dramas
Biri Gyaru – Japanese Movie

Biri Garyu is a study motivator movie, it will motivate you to study hard and achieve your dreams. The main lead character of this movie is a 2nd year high school kid who doesn’t focus on her future and studies and just enjoys her high school life with her friends, because of which her academic grade level is on par with 4th grade elementary school kid. She joins a private institution and the teacher of that institution realizes her potential and praises her (only her mother praised her in her entire life). From there onward she starts to change and work harder. This novel is based on a novel and the author of that novel wrote the novel from his real-life experience with one of his students. A High recommended movie which should get 5/5 rating from me!

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You might be thinking that “even though there are holidays now, why i am recommending a movie that focuses on student’s development and their studies? i should suggest something fun and interesting.” But there is a reason behind why i am recommending this movie. Many of us start of with a new year’s resolution like – “From this year i will work harder or study harder!” but that’s only for few months we revert back to our usual life style and this is how we come back to the starting point once again. This movie might help you to move forward with your life, which is something great for new year eve and hence i recommended this movie. PS if you want more drama you can try this list out – Top 17 Japanese drama you should watch right now!!

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