Studio ghibli producer shares miyazaki's thoughts

Studio ghibli producer Suzuki shares Miyazaki’s thoughts on Kimi no na wa

Studio ghibli – The February 2nd early issue of “Bugeinshunju’s weekly Bunshun magazine” featured an interview with Studio ghibli former producer Suzuki Toshio, regarding the setting of “girl loosing her way in some another world,” Just like the film “Spirited away.” Studio ghibli producer Suzuki shares Miyazaki’s thoughts Suzuki Toshio – I predicted that someone will

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dragon ball yamcha manga featured

Dragon ball Yamcha manga was born at drinking party!! [FACT]

Dragon ball Yamcha manga – Recently around 2 days back, an article by buzzfeed Japan depicted the interview of buzzfeed Japan with editor in charge of the Dragon ball Yamcha manga, where it was revealed that the idea for the manga came when the editor was out drinking with his colleagues from Shueisha. Dragon ball

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Sword art online season 3

Sword art online ordinal scale advance screenings teases season 3!!

Sword art online ordinal scale – Today at the advance screenings of the new movie of Sword art online anime franchise, known as sword art online ordinal scale, it was announced that the anime sword art online will continue with the season 3 that will be based on the “Alicization arc” of the sword art online

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top 10 worst japanese live action movies

Top 10 worst Japanese live action movies voted by Japanese fans!!

Top 10 worst Japanese live action movies – Recently goo ranking, held a poll for the worst Japanese live action movies based on anime/manga. If you want you can see the entire list on their official website because we’re only dealing with the movies that are in the Best 10 or Top 10. Entire list

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Berserk Season 3 TV Anime

Berserk Season 3 for TV Anime set to release in month of April 2017!!

Berserk Season 3 – The official website of Berserk TV Anime revealed today i.e on Friday that the Berserk season 3 for TV anime is set to release in the month of April 2017. The official website also revealed new key visual featuring Berseker Armour. Synopsis Now branded for death and destined to be hunted

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Boruto next generation anime

Boruto Next Generation Anime coming in April will get Original Story

Boruto Next Generation – After Naruto Shippuden will finish with Naruto Shippuden Hiden/Shinden arc, we’re going to get Boruto Anime called as “Boruto next generation anime,” focusing on the story of Boruto and Sarada’s generation. However, the Manga is currently wrapping up – Boruto : Naruto the movie part and hence we’re still yet to

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