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14 Anime worth watching released on first week of January 2017!!

14 Anime worth watching

14 Anime worth watching – So its 2017, and from today onward i was thinking of making a recommendation list of new anime series and sequel that are set to release in Winter 2017. The recommendation list will contain anime series released on every week, which are worthy of watching.

14 Anime worth watching released on first week of January 2017

Note – The list will not be according to the usual top 10 ranking because these are new anime series, so lets begin with the first week.

01. Fate/Grand Order – First Order

Fate/Grand Order First Order Episode 1 - Mash
Fate/Grand Order First Order Episode 1 – Mash

Short Opinion – I’ll be honest here, Fate/Grand Order – First order received a good start, personally i was excited and i definitely liked the episode. The execution was surprisingly great and the progress of the overall plot is well balanced. This is one of the anime series, that i will definitely recommend someone to watch. Read the complete Review.

[14 Anime worth watching]

02. Ao No Exorcist Season 02

Ao No Exorcist - Kyoto Impure King Arc
Ao No Exorcist – Kyoto Impure King Arc

Short Opinion –  The second season shows no improvement when compared to the first season, however this is just the episode 01. On top of it, since the second season of the anime is based on the Kyoto Impure King Arc. The anime will definitely improve as along as the plot will continue to progress. Hence i would definitely recommend everyone to give it a try.

[14 Anime worth watching]

03. Seiren

Top 5 Original Anime Winter 2017 - Seiren

Short Opinion –  To be honest, i expected Seiren to be similar to Amagami SS, since the creator is same. However, the anime turned out to be a completely different to what i had imaged and i got hooked immediately. This anime has a type of story which forces you to binge watch the entire anime in a go, but since this is a new one the curiosity of what will happen next will definitely torture you like its doing to me now. However it doesn’t change the fact that this anime series is worthy of giving a try.

[14 Anime worth watching]

04. Masamune Kun No Revenge

Masamune kun no revenge episode 1 - Masamune and Adagaki
Masamune kun no revenge episode 1 – Masamune and Adagaki

Short Opinion –  Probably the most hyped anime of 2017, so far the anime is good and even though i have read the manga i can tell that this anime is something which will attract people (those who haven’t read the manga) thanks to its “Revenge” plot. So its definitely worth trying – Read the complete review of episode 01.

[14 Anime worth watching]

05. Youjo Senki

Youjo Senki
Youjo Senki

Short Opinion –  Badass, this one word is enough to describe this anime, from what i have seen this anime is not just badass due to its main character, its badass because the main character is basically a devil which shows no mercy to enemies and even ally. And to accomplish her motives sine will go to any lengths, however the story is quite confusing in the first episode because it just shows how badass and how evil the main character is on the battlefield. Basically, the base of the plot on which the story is based is not yet explained, but i promise that you will get hooked to the show. For now i will highly recommend you to watch this anime, because its badass.

[14 Anime worth watching]

06. Demi chan wa Kataritai

Top 22 upcoming new anime 2017 - Demi chan wa kitarai
Top 22 upcoming new anime 2017 – Demi chan wa kitarai

Short Opinion – I’ll be honest here, this show is sure fun and cute and obviously interesting but i am really confused regarding real definition of demi-human (ajin). We had anime called Ajin, which shows demi-humans as a black gas like human creature and this anime shows demi-human as youkai which includes vampires, yuki onna  etc. So what in the world does demi-human actually is? this is something which kept me confused throughout the episode. But regardless of it, i liked the show, the setting is not new and feels like an inspired one but still its definitely a worthy watch.

[14 Anime worth watching]

07. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju
Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju

Short Opinion – The second season of Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju, takes place 10 years after the events of the first season ended. Unlike its first season the second season focuses more on the present and the life of the main character who is now a well known personality in the world of Rakugo. It also focuses more on his relationship with Komatsu. Quality wise the second season shows no improvement when compared to first season. The story execution is as great as first season. From the first episode i can say that story of the second season will continue progressing at the same speed, at which the first season was progressing. So those who are really curious to know what will happen after season 01, should definitely give a try to season 02.

[14 Anime worth watching]

08. Nanbaka Season 2

Nanbaka Season 2 Visual Poster
Nanbaka Season 2 Visual Poster

Short Opinion – Nanbaka focuses on a group of characters who are trying to break out of the world’s number 01 secure prison. The first season was fun to watch, however it was surprisingly well balanced with serious elements which elevated the overall humor. I expected the second season to start with more serious scenario, but unexpectedly the first episode was fun to watch. Nanbaka has a story where you really can’t predict what will happen next however that’s what makes the series fun to watch. So you should definitely give a try to Nanbaka Season 02.

[14 Anime worth watching]

09. Fuuka


Short Opinion – Let me get this straight, i was not going to add Fuuka in this list, but majority of people will ask me “Bro where is Fuuka? how can you forget that anime?” so i decided to add this anime in the list. Seo Kouji the author of Fuuka knows how to write good shorts stories but according to me he can’t write long running stories. Fuuka is a sequel to the first Manga Suzuka, i liked Suzuka Manga & Anime, even though it sucked, because i have some sort of personal attachment to it. Hence i was really looking forward to Fuuka Manga, but to be honest Fuuka shattered all my expectations beautifully. The first half of Fuuka was good but everything changed from the second half and the story sucked. Now the Manga looks like its continuing but it has no usual excitement. So i am not really going to watch this one but if you want you can watch it.

[14 Anime worth watching]

10. Akiba’s Trip

Akiba's trip the animation
Akiba’s trip the animation

Short Opinion – Strip and defeat the evil! That’s all this anime is about, bizarre in its own way but not as bizarre as Keijo. But if you guys like anime series like Shimoneta, Prison School and Keijo, you can definitely tolerate this one.

[14 Anime worth watching]

11. Gintama (2017)

Gintama 2017
Gintama 2017

Short Opinion – Should i really need to say anything about this? well it looks like this anime will cover the final arc of the Manga. If that’s true then this will be Gintama’s last anime.

[14 Anime worth watching]

12. Tales of Zestiria the X Season 2

Tales of Zestiria the X
Tales of Zestiria the X

Short Opinion – Takes of Zestiria the X Season 2 continues from the point where the first season of the anime ended. Surprisingly the second season is definitely more darker than the first season and from the first episode of second season, i can see that the story will surround more around “Rose,” where we will definitely get to know more about her and her past.

[14 Anime worth watching]

13. Little witch academia

Top 5 Original Anime Winter 2017 - Little Witch Academia
Little Witch Academia

Short Opinion – Little witch academia, is anime which as interesting as Demi chan wa Kataritai, fun, cute and interesting at the same time. The story’s setting gives you the same Cinderella feeling which is kinda nostalgic. So you should definitely give a try.

[14 Anime worth watching]

14. elDLIVE

elDLIVE Anime
elDLIVE Anime

Short Opinion – elDLIVE is the Manga made by the author of Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn. However so far the story lacks the intensity which Hitman reborn had. We also can’t forget about the fact the Manga and the anime are both slow starters (Just like Hitman Reborn) so we can expect more intense stuff in the near future

[14 Anime worth watching]

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