7 Anime Worth Watching

7 Anime Worth Watching Released On Second Week Of January 2017!! (UPDATED)

7 Anime Worth Watching – Last week i told you that, i will make a recommendation list of new anime series and sequel that are set to release in Winter 2017. The recommendation list will contain anime series released on every week, which are worthy of watching. So lets continue with it today in second week!

From my opinion there are total 7 anime series which are worthy giving a try. If you want you can read recommendation of first week – 14 Anime worth watching released on first week of January 2017.

7 Anime worth watching released on first week of January 2017

Note – The list will not be according to the usual top 10 ranking because these are new anime series.

01. Konosuba

Konosuba Season 2 Visual
Konosuba Season 2 Visual

Short opinion – Konosuba season 2, started with a big bang. And it was something different than the usual episodes of the first season. I expect this season to be more exiting because Kazuma and his group have attracted lot of attention and the episode convinced that more crazy things are going to happen.

[7 Anime Worth Watching]

02. ACCA: 13-Territory inspection department

Top 22 upcoming new anime 2017 - ACCA 13

Short opinion – This anime is damn interesting! the main important characters are cool headed, and the MC of this series is also cool even though he has eyes like a dead fish but instead of laughing at that, i ended up admiring him that how cool he is. This anime has a feeling of cool detective anime from the 90’s set in an alternate world mixed with modern cultures.

[7 Anime Worth Watching]

03. Kobayashi san no Dragon Maid

Kobayashi San No Dragon Maid
Kobayashi San No Dragon Maid

Short opinion – When fantasy and Yuri are mixed with comedy, you get anime series like Kobayashi san no dragon maid. For now i don’t find anything interesting, however one thing i can definitely say that this anime is fun to watch.

[7 Anime Worth Watching]

04. Piace: Watashi no Italian

Top 22 upcoming new anime 2017 - Watashi No Italian
Watashi No Italian

Short opinion – This anime contains short episodes about Italian restaurant and its owner, who is an elementary school kid. At first i expected this movie to be full-fledged cooking anime series, like Cooking master boy or Born to cook or Shokugeki no Soma. But it turned out to be a anime with short episodes, that is filled with comedy and is fun to watch.

[7 Anime Worth Watching]

05. Yami Shibai Season 04

Yami Shibai
Yami Shibai

Short opinion – Another anime series, with short episodes and each and every episode you will get something new. Yami Shibai is not a comedy series instead, its horror anime series containing short ghost stories about Japanese urban legends. And of course its so popular, that it got season 4, as of now this is one of my favorite anime series.

[7 Anime Worth Watching]

06. Rewrite Season 2

Rewrite Season 2
Rewrite Season 2

Short opinion – For me i see nothing big happening but rather it was damn confusing! So much that i can’t even express it well. So i will continue with the second episode and see what i can understand.

[7 Anime Worth Watching]

07. Scum’s wish (Kuzu no honkai)

Top 22 upcoming new anime 2017 - Kuzu No Honkai
Kuzu No Honkai

Short opinion – This is not opinion, this is in fact a warning – Kuzu no honkai, i was pretty excited about this anime as it showed dark side of one sided love and the first episode was good as well. However, because of my curiosity i couldn’t hold back and ended up reading the entire manga (till the latest chapter). And i can’t thank god enough because it just saved me from a sense of guilt!!

Damn it the series has some fucked up NTR shit and i don’t think my heart could have handled all that “Sense of guilt” after watching the anime. The manga did made me feel guilty however it had less impact compared to the anime was going to have. But still you think you can handle this then you’re good to go because, i am dropping this.

[7 Anime Worth Watching]


I was in a hurry when i made this list, had to go out the entire day yesterday so forgive me for not adding two more shows of the second week which are in fact the best one!

08. Onihei

Onihei anime episode 1 review - Kumehachi
Onihei anime 

Short Opinion – Onhei is based in Tenmei era of Japan, and is story based on the police force of that era, just like Shinsengumi chronicles. Read the review of first episode.

09. Yowamushi Pedal Season 3

Yowamushi pedal anime season 3
Yowamushi pedal anime season 3

Short Opinion – This season focuses on the new generation of team Sohoku and all the changes that takes place after the third years retire. As of now the first two episodes are released which clearly shows that this season is going to be lot more existing then previous season.

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