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Boruto Next Generation Anime coming in April will get Original Story

Boruto next generation anime

Boruto Next Generation – After Naruto Shippuden will finish with Naruto Shippuden Hiden/Shinden arc, we’re going to get Boruto Anime called as “Boruto next generation anime,” focusing on the story of Boruto and Sarada’s generation. However, the Manga is currently wrapping up – Boruto : Naruto the movie part and hence we’re still yet to see the new arc in the Manga.

That’s why Studio Pierrot decided to start the anime with new original story, that’s not been featured in the Manga

Boruto Next Generation Anime original story details

The details about the new story is still not revealed, The Anime will continue as it is after the Naruto Shippuden will wrap up with Hiden/Shinden Novel arc with Hinata and Naruto’s wedding and so it is expected that the Anime will continue with the married life of Hinata and Naruto and probably, it will show the episodes, where Boruto, Himawari, Sarada and Mitsuki are born. Its also possible that we will get details on the other couples such as Shikamaru and Temari etc..

Boruto Anime for April 2017 Release
Boruto Anime for April 2017 Release

We expected the Manga to cover the seventh Hokage and the scarlet spring Manga story, but its not happening although, we expect that Boruto next generation Anime will cover that part along with the new original story.

Boruto Next Generation Anime – Cast

  • Sanpei Yuuko as Uzumaki Boruto
  • Kikuchi Kokoro as Uchiha Sarada
  • Kijima Ryuuichi as Mitsuki
  • Takeuchi Junko as Uzumaki Naruto

And the rest of the Naruto Shippuden voice actors of Konoha eleven. As Kishimoto announced at Jump Fiesta that he plan to make this new anime better than Naruto, So he is expected to supervise the new original story of the Anime, Since the original author and illustrator of Boruto Manga are busy with the new arc that is expected to start next month.

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