Dragon ball super universe survival arc trailer – Broly Returns as girl!

Dragon ball super universe survival arc trailer  – So finally the official trailer of Dragon ball Super universe survival arc is out. Honestly this arc has been so hyped up with all that media and fan attention, that at some point i did thought that “Does this arc really needs all that hype its been getting?”

Now that the official Dragon ball super universe survival arc trailer is out, i say yes! its worthy of all the hype its been getting!! Why? because the legendary super saiyan broly returns once again!! All this hype this trailer generated is so high, that i won’t hate to admit that i am writing this article with all the goosebumps over my body.

Dragon ball super universe survival arc trailer – Watch Now

Now this arc is going to be pretty interesting and there are two reasons for that

  • The legendary super saiyan broly returns as girl.
  • Even though there will be few characters, who are quite similar to old characters their personality differs.

If you remember champa’s arc, they mentioned about the different universes. And when it comes to difference in universe, theory of parallel world can be applied with a little expansion. So if there is a parallel world A where Goku is alive, then there is parallel world B where Goku is dead. Similarly if there is Universe A where Broly man, there is also Universe B where broly is girl, with little personality changes.

Dragon ball super universe survival arc trailer
Dragon ball super universe survival arc trailer

With that being said it doesn’t come as a surprise when we get to see female broly in the show, and even more fans wanted female version of Broly from long time (we even have fan arts). So it really didn’t struck the chord of surprise, however the real surprise comes after that! even though broly is a female in this new arc, when she transforms in to legendary super saiyan she becomes the broly we have known so far and even look like him.

When i watched this type of transformation in the above trailer i was like “WTF is this?” at the same time various thoughts came into my mind regarding the female broly. Among them, these are the 3 most plausible theories, that have strong base.

  • Theory 1 – What if the girl and the broly are two separate being with some sort of fusion and when that girl tried to access the power she transformed into broly.
  • Theory 2 – What if Broly is a transgender women?
  • Theory 3 – Its just for gag.

So anyways, tell me what you think of the trailer and the all female broly thing? i would be glad to hear your opinion!

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