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Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc – Krillin the strongest Earthling!!

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc is near, and we have a little spoiler plot update thanks to Herms98. Which reveals Goku choosing team for the upcoming new multiverse survival tournament. It further reveals, Goku’s preparation plan for the tournament and even terms Krillin as the strongest earthling!!

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Spoiler – The Team

Dragon ball super - Universe survival arc spoiler
Dragon ball super – Universe survival arc spoiler

So as i mentioned earlier the spoilers about the universe survival arc are out! Previously we got to know about the plot of the arc from the producer itself and he said that this arc is going to be the craziest of the entire Dragon ball Super. Lots of people are even speculating this as a final arc for the series, but there is not a single confirmation on that statement yet.

The new spoilers revealed by herms98 tells about Goku and his team who will take part in the multiverse survival tournament and it reveals how Goku prepares for the tournament and how he chooses the 10 team members.

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Spoiler description

“The universe survival arc begins!” the complex history of earth’s 10 representatives.

Do you remember during the “God of destruction Champa arc,” the omni king the ruler of the universes suggested a multiverse martial arts tournaments in which the strongest warriors from the 12 universes will assemble. But after that arc there was a battle against Universe 10’s Zamasu. So everyone had forgotten about this except for our hero Goku, who likes fighting even more than food. He asks omni king once again to hold the multiverse tournament and so with the episode 77-78 of dragon ball super, the story of the anime series enters the Universe survival arc.

Dragon ball Super universe survival arc plot and visual
Dragon ball Super universe survival arc plot and visual

For this tournament 10 warriors are selected from the universe, so from the Universe 7 including Goku there should be 9 more warriors that should represent the earth. So Goku decides to take these members – His Gohan, the strongest earthling krillin and his master the turtle hermit (Muten Roshi). Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Vegeta, Magin boo, Android 17 and 18. These members who have clashed their power and skills together can truly be said as the 10 strongest people on the earth now.

Its seems Goku plans to train with Krillin to increase his overall Ki and Stamina for the tournament to fight the strongest warriors of the other universes. We are looking forward to Goku’s further evolution.


I am ok with all the team and it looks like this arc is really going to be the craziest arc ever! However, i am still not ok with Yamcha leaving the front lines. I mean he could have been the great asset over Muten Roshi, even Trunks and Goten are left out. I know Goku and Vegeta don’t want them to fight the adults but hey among the 10 strongest warriors on the earth’s team Trunks and Goten are stronger than most of them.

Other than that i am ok with Krillin being on the team and if Goku is training with him he will be stronger then he was earlier but the title of the strongest earthling should go to Tenshinhan, because he is obviously stronger. However it might be that Tenshinhan has not been active in fights unlike krillin that’s why he isn’t the strongest earthling now.

Anyways what do you really think of the spoilers do tell your views via comments.

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