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Dragon ball Yamcha manga was born at drinking party!! [FACT]

Dragon ball Yamcha manga Recently around 2 days back, an article by buzzfeed Japan depicted the interview of buzzfeed Japan with editor in charge of the Dragon ball Yamcha manga, where it was revealed that the idea for the manga came when the editor was out drinking with his colleagues from Shueisha.

Dragon ball Yamcha manga – Interview with editor in-charge

dragon ball yamcha manga
dragon ball yamcha manga

Since the interview on the Buzzfeed Japan website is in Japanese i decided to write the entire translated interview here so it can reach the masses and all the dragon ball fans.

01. How do you came up with this unique idea for the Yamcha manga?

Editor – Actually it all started with a very stupid story, when i was drinking with the colleagues from the editorial department. I just brought up the idea that what if we create story about a regular guy getting transferred to some other world and getting completely reincarnated into a different character and i convinced everyone to help me with this and that’s where we decided to do it on dragon ball manga.

02. Why did you pick Yamcha as the main character of the story?

Editor – If the character is weak in the original series, he can be also transformed into a strong character with a character development. And in fact it is possible to do the complete opposite! I didn’t want the main character of this new spin off manga to be a Saiyan, i wanted the main character to be an earthling, warriors in the dragon ball manga who’re pure earthling are fading away, its like a miserable death, and on the number position was Yamcha. That’s why i decided to go with Yamcha because this would make manga even more interesting to read!

03. Did you had some other characters in mind too? that were suited for the role of main character?

Editor – At first we were thinking of using Krillin as the main character for the series, however we later found out Yamcha was more suitable because he had the most negative points on his side.

04. How was Akira Toriyama’s response?

Editor – He liked the idea and we even discussed the story at the planning stage, at first i thought that he would not like it but the opposite happened and he was happy with the overall concept and even gave the idea for improvement.

05. What was the idea for improvement?

Editor –  He said that – “I want you to make the main character funny as possible! and give him funny death!” which indicated to the character’s setting, which said that he wanted the hero or the main character to be conscious.

06. Do you had any difficulties in delivering the content?

Editor – No, didn’t had any difficulties in delivering the content, However we struggled a bit while matching the timing with the Dragon ball super baseball episode.

07. The author who did the parody of dragon ball manga using Vegeta in place of Goku was scouted for this spin off manga by the Shueisha, right?

Editor – The staff and I at the shueisha was familiar with DragonrowLEE who did the parody with Vegeta, and thus we decided to scout him for the work, he had other projects but still agreed to do it.

08. There was big response on the internet, what do you think?

Editor – To be honest i was actually surprised with the huge response! i think trolling Yamcha’s character on the internet was becoming sort of a culture but now i am happy that Yamcha is loved by the people.

09. How were the ratings?

Editor – It was overwhelming! it got twice the readership for the typical one shot by far the most of its peers for that week!

10. Is there a chance for other parody series like this other than dragon ball?

Editor – Its possible to do the similar kind of parody work for Naruto manga but for now i want to focus on this Yamcha parody spin off manga.

[Source – Buzzfeed Japan]

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