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Fairy Tail Anime Movie ‘Dragon cry’ will release on Spring 2017!!

Fairy tail anime movie

Fairy Tail Anime Movie – On Saturday a Japanese film distribution company called “GAGA,” opened a new website which reveals that Fairy tail Anime is receiving a second movie, after Fairy tail : The Phoenix Priestess. Which is titled as Fairy tail : Dragon cry, the website tells that the movie is slated for release on Spring 2017.

Fairy Tail Anime Movie – Details

The marketing and promotions team working for the second fairy tail anime movie also opened official twitter account specially for the film. Which will reveal more updates regarding the film, which is coming this spring. For now the twitter account and website revealed a poster, which has the movie’s name on it.

However as new this news sound, its actually quite an old news – That’s because Kodansha’s ‘Weekly Shouen Magazine,” already announced in May 2015, that Fairy Tail was getting a new movie. But not much details were revealed at that time. Also the television anime also revealed the news, that the series is getting a new project in “March,” before going on Hiatus.

Fairy tail anime movie
Fairy tail anime movie

Fairy tail before received two television anime series along with several OVA and spin off manga based on individual characters out of which the story of first master of Fairy tail guild “Mavis Vermillion,” was adapted into anime series which aired as a canon-filler along with the second Fairy tail anime which was released in the year 2014.


The name of the movie indicates that it will be based on dragons, since we don’t have much details on the overall plot of the movie. We can only speculate that this movie might be about the past involving dragons that existed 400 years ago according to the history of Fairy tail world and the movie might include dragons involving Igneel, Metalicana, Grandine, Weisslogia, Skiadrum and Acnologia.

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