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Kimi no na wa film did not qualify for the Oscar 2017 – We tried to analyze reason

Kimi no na wa film – So the qualification for the Oscar 2017 were announced today, and among the 29 movies who were in the best animated film feature category, five movies got nominated. And surprisingly Kimi no na wa  didn’t got nominated. For fans world wide, this news is quite sad but it was not an unexpected result. Before get to the reason behind why we think it was not an unexpected result, lets review the entire movie from the creator Makoto’s shinkai’s point of view.

In a recent interview Shinkai admitted himself that the movie was incomplete and unbalanced and warned fans to not watch the movie, and he hoped that the movie didn’t get qualify for the Oscar. Because the expectations will increase and the pressure over Shinkai  to create something even better will also keep on increasing. (Read full interview here – Don’t watch Kimi no na wa : Makoto Shinkai.)

However, everyone ignored his warnings and Kimi no na wa itself bagged awards after awards and broke records after records, thanks to the sponsors pushing movie even forward. For us and fans it something we could be happy about but for Shinkai this movie being mega hit was pure luck. People are expecting a lot from his next work and if the movie would have nominated for Oscar, the expectations would have crossed the limit. So i am happy, even if the movie didn’t got nominated , i am happy for Shinkai.

Kimi no na wa film didn’t qualify for the Oscar – The reason

Shinkai said this Kimi no na wa film was incomplete and unbalanced, and the people judging at the Oscar would have realized that, but its not just the judges at the Oscar, recently, a movie Kono sekai no katasumi ni won best Japanese film of 2016 award (Read the full article here – Kono sekai no katasumi ni won best Japanese film of 2016 award.) and even the judges at that event, must have realized the incomplete and unbalanced plot that we all ignored. So lets see what are the flaws in the movie. PS – we mentioned some flaws in our previous review (Read it here : Kimi no na wa review) but we watched full movie once again to completely analyze the story.

Oscar Qualification - Image source Academy awards
Oscar Qualification – Image source Academy awards

Shinkai, said that the production time period was cut down because of the low budget, and hence he didn’t get time to complete the story. Though this movie still managed to become hit because he managed to engage majority of the viewers emotionally. Also the the background soundtracks and songs perfectly blended with the optimization he made to the movie, which is also one of the reasons behind the movie becoming such hit and there are many of them that we discussed in the previous article, if you want you can you can read it here – True reason behind success of Kimi no na wa.

Now coming to, why the Kimi no na wa film didn’t get qualified for Oscar? – We mentioned earlier that, we watched the movie once again to analyze the story and after watching it, the flaws in the movie becomes more evident. However we are not sure that those are the exact flaws that that the judges at the academy awards saw, but we can say that we have narrowed it down.  Also we don’t want to offend anyone, we are just trying to say that this might be the reason why the movie was not nominated for Oscar.

Kimi no na wa film – Major flaws

There are total three main major flaws in the movie which are mentioned below.

01. Only Mitsuha’s background was highlighted.

The movie showed only Mitsuha’s background, because of which we got to know Mitsuha more as a character. What kind of person she is, what she likes, how is her family life, where she lives, which school she goes, what she does, who are her friends, the problems she is facing, the things she wanted to do and the things she want etc. Regarding Taki, his background didn’t get highlighted that much, yes we saw that he works as a part timer at a cafe, he is basket ball player and loves it to the core, he is a high school boy, who lives in Tokyo and he lives alone with his father, a girl working at the cafe has crush on him.

Kimi no na wa surpasses spirited away
Kimi no na wa 

However, That’s a the only thing we know about the character Taki. Considering how Shinkai likes to make his character well introduced to the viewers, in Kimi no na wa film the characters are not completely introduced. And its pretty much clear when you compared it with his previous works. However i wouldn’t have call this as a flaw because it doesn’t actually affects the overall plot. But it does connects to the two more flaws and these are the ones which in our opinion affects the story, hence i thought that there was a necessity to mention this one.

02. The reason behind the body swap is one sided.

Mitsuha swapped with Taki because her reason was – “I want to go to Tokyo!!!” she did screamed at the shrine, and after that the body swapping thing started. But what was the reason behind Taki’s body swap? He doesn’t seem like a guy who has problems with his daily life and also he is not the kind of guy who wants to move to some remote area for a quite life, then what would be the reason behind his body swap? this was the very important thing which was not explained at all.

kimi no na wa review
kimi no na wa – Mitsuha

So if we go by what movie showed us, it all comes down to one thing and that is fate – Mitsuha is fated to swap bodies with a boy who will become an important person in her life in future. Even in such kind of plots involving “fate” the characters are well explained so that it can help with further plot progression. But in Kimi no na wa film not explaining the reason behind Taki’s body swap makes Taki a random person i.e it doesn’t matter who Mitsuha swapped body with, the boy could have been anyone but it happened to be Taki. So this is not fate in fact its a pure coincidence!

If Taki’s background was well explained then his reason for Body swap would have not remained unknown and Taki and Mitsuha falling in love with each other also would have been explained.

03. The characters were too progressed (when did they fall in love?)

Mitsuha and Taki swapped bodies but these two were the people from two different timelines, So when Mitsuha in her timeline went to meet Taki to Tokyo and saw that he didn’t remembered her at all, tears came down from her eyes and then she gave him her ribbon. Taki from the other timeline who swapped bodies with Mitsuha realized his love for her when he was searching for her and later even managed to propose her.

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Mitsuha meets Taki
Kimi No Na Wa – Falling in love

The situations in the movie were too fast and extreme so when did they fall in love?

  • Body swap.
  • Getting to know each other.
  • Blending in each other’s lives.
  • Living with Body swap.
  • Mitsuha enjoying body swap by being cupid of love for Taki.
  • Taki in Mitsuha’s body solving problem related to her school mates.
  • Body swap stopped.
  • Taki decides to search for Mitsuha, realizes she died 3 years ago and the Mitsuha he knows is from different timeline.
  • Mitsuha meets Taki in Tokyo, realizes he doesn’t remember her and gives ribbon.
  • Taki decides to save Mitsuha, drinks Kuchikami sake and swaps bodies with her
  • They meet each other
  • Mitsuha realizes the difference in timeline as well knows the truth of her death.
  • Taki proposes her and forgetting everything.
  • They manage to save everyone
  • Meeting at the end.

With all these above mentioned fast forward and extreme situations i don’t see a point where characters can fall in love with each other. Hence this sudden fast forward progress in character development is the final major flaw of this movie. So if the above mentioned two flaws were well covered the characters falling in love would have made sense.

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Mitsuha
Kimi No Na Wa – Mitsuha Puzzled

When we first watched the movie we only mentioned character development as the major flaw in the movie review we did in last September, however after doing a thorough analysis we found two more. Maybe the judges at the academy awards would have realized these flaws and rejected the movie?

Its just my personal thinking but when it comes to judging the movie for Oscar, Many factors play role in determining what makes the movie capable for being one of the Oscar nominees but the most important factor is – does it clears all the doubt from the viewers  mind or not, maybe the judges might have got similar doubts and since it didn’t cleared them, they must have rejected it. What are your views? i would be glad to hear them. For a peaceful discussion.

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