Kimi no na wa surpassed spriited away

Kimi no na wa surpasses Spirited away and becomes #1

Kimi no na wa surpasses Spirited away – So it finally happened, what we thought impossible it finally happened! The movie Kimi no na wa is getting praises from all over the world since last year. Thanks to that the film became the second highest Japanese animated film, surpassing studio ghibli’s howl’s moving castle.

At that time we thought that, its impossible for kimi no na wa to surpass spirited away, but friends looks like the impossible happened it became the highest grossing Japanese animated movie surpassing spirited away. The movie was made none other by Makoto Shinkai who made movies like 5 centimeters per second and The Garden of words.

People who loved this movie, Hailed Shinkai as the next Hayao Miyazaki. However Shinkai said that as an over exaggeration and he himself considers Kimi no na wa’s success as pure luck. Now we don’t know what he must be thinking when he heard the news that Kimi no na wa did the impossible.

Kimi no na wa surpasses Spirited away

Kimi no na wa is now officially the highest grossing Japanese animated movie, and has actually earned over $289 Million worldwide, in the international box office. Most of the earning came from Japan $192.5 Million, which made the movie the second highest Japanese anime movie.

Kimi no na wa surpasses spirited away
Kimi no na wa surpasses spirited away

Additionally, the film gathered $81 Million from China because of the huge success. It was also very popular in South Korea, which helped Kimi no na wa in gaining this international success.

However its expected that the movie will earn even more since it is set to be released in more theaters, Kimi no na wa was recently submitted for Oscar nomination for the Best Animated Feature for the upcoming 89th academy awards by Funimation. You can read the more details here – Kimi no na wa submitted for Oscar. If you are also interested in knowing the truth behind the success of Kimi no na wa you can check this article – Kimi no na wa’s success and the real truth revealed!

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