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Kuroko no Basket last game trailer – Jabberwock vs Vorpal Swords

Kuroko no Basket last game trailer – The new trailer for the movie Kuroko no basket last game is now finally out! the trailer gives us a sneak peak on the Jabberwock vs Vorpal Swords match, at the same time it gives us a little preview on the new theme song made by Japanese band GRANRODEO.

Kuroko no Basket last game trailer

The official website of Kuroko no basket last game movie, revealed a new trailer of the movie.Which gives us a sneak peak the basketball match of Jabberwock vs Vorpal swords and at the same time, it previews the new theme song of the movie “Glorious days,” written by Japanese band GRANRODEO.

 The movie is adapted from the Kuroko no Basket sequel manga titled as “Kuroko no Basket last game,” and its written by none other than the original author of manga Fujimaki Tadatoshi. The new film based on the sequel manga is set to open in Japanese theaters on 18th March 2017.

Kuroko no Basket last game trailer
Kuroko no Basket last game trailer

Fujimaki, the author of the original Manga is credited as the chief supervisor for the movie. And he is also writing an original episode for the movie, which will act like a prequel to the movie. The story of the movie, Kuroko no Basket last game is described in the following way :-

Kuroko and Kagami are the second year students at the Seirin high school, The American street basket ball team, said to be the world’s strongest comes to have a friendly match with Japanese basket ball team however, the Japanese basket ball team suffers a crushing defeat, and hence the team Jabberwock starts to mock them and entire Japanese basketball. Aida Riko’s (Seirin’s coach) father, who is the in charge of overseeing Jabberwock gets angry by their behavior and he challenges Jabberwock once again, he creates a team of Generation of Miracles including Kuroko and Kagami and some other people in order to take revenge against Jabberwock.

The Kuroko no basketball anime franchise also received three compilation films recently, based on the events of Season 2 and Season 3 (Winter cup).

[News Source – Moca News]

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