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Masamune Kun No Revenge Episode 1 – Its a fitness motivator?

Masamune kun no revenge episode 1 - Masamune

Masamune Kun No Revenge Episode 1 – Today, Masamune Kun No Revenge episode is finally out but to be honest i am not new to this series. I’ve been reading Manga and i am quit aware with the story, I am updated with the latest chapter and i am also aware of the fact that Masamune Kun No Revenge manga will enter climax in chapter 39. However, when i watched the first episode of Anime today, i don’t know why it gave me a different feeling despite having the same story. That’s why i decided to right this review.


The main character Masamune Makabe suffered a lot when he was a kid  at the hands of a wealthy beautiful girl Adagaki Aki. Who nicknamed him “Piggy” due to his chubby appearance and that’s why for seeking revenge against the girl who tormented him, he works hard to become handsome and fit guy who is loved by every girl around him. When he meets Adagaki Aki once again, he becomes determined to take his revenge and with the help of Adagaki’s maid girl he works on improving his relationship with Aki. However as the relationship progresses he is forced to think of his motives once again.

Masamune Kun No Revenge Episode 1 Review

The above synopsis is the summary of the entire episode and story, however anime makes it look like a completely different story which actually motivates you to be fit. The story of the overall anime is something that can happen in real life, or in fact has happened in real life and that too countless of times. Boys in real life must have been rejected by girls in real life because they are fat or skinny and they must have worked hard to reach a particular level of fitness because of that one rejection.

Of course this is not something that happens with everyone, you will find angel girls in the world who will accept a guy despite the fact that he is fat or skinny. But at the same time this reality sinks in 100 times deeper than the actual Manga, when you watch the anime. I don’t know why but this anime motivates you to be that fit main character of the anime after One Punch Man, and that too in a different way.

Masamune kun no revenge episode 1 - Masamune and Adagaki
Masamune kun no revenge episode 1 – Masamune and Adagaki

Unlike One Punch Man who can motivate you with just one dialogue, Masamune Kun No Revenge depicts the story of a fat guy who became a fitness freak, and so because of this, fitness follows you persistently all the way to the end. This is just like anime telling us that – “Get out and do some exercise!” is similar to how our mom tells us to cut the hairs whenever they grow. In reality i am a health conscious guy just like Masamune but i have been maintaining myself since i was a kid and because of that i find this anime intriguing.

Now coming to the actual plot of the series, when you read manga, no matter how good things Masamune does in chapter 01 you feel like he is doing all that just to get revenge. However, the anime doesn’t let you feel like that, Masamune kun’s actions and goals will confuse you for real. For a second you will think that – “No! he just want to get close to Adagaki so that he can dump her later on.” “But he doesn’t feel like he is doing that purposely,” This is beauty of this anime, that it actually forces you to question Masamune Kun’s action at every movement.

Masamune kun no revenge episode 1 - Adagaki
Masamune kun no revenge episode 1 – Adagaki

At the same time it also makes you realize that Masamune Kun is not a bad guy, in fact he is a good guy who got his heart broken and is just trying to get revenge but he can’t because he is too good. With that being said the anime is also good at manipulating viewer’s hate and love ratio, because at first you will find Adagaki Aki to be just annoying Tsundere who hate guys, but the reality hits you hard when you find out how cute she really is. This will happen with other characters in future episodes too.

This is how few real life aspects of this anime will get you hooked, and it doesn’t matter that you have read the Manga or just started with the Anime you will get hooked.

Masamune Kun No Revenge Episode 1 – Art and Animation

The art and animation of this anime is really good, no complaints on the quality animation and art. The art is no different than what you see in slice of life, shoujo, love comedy, ecchi and harem genre. These are the genres that have realistic art style and animation.

Masamune Kun No Revenge Episode 1 – Music

In all my review regarding anime series, i have never talked about any background music of anime series. However, this time its different. The studio has done good job on background sound track, since the music style is classic Jazz, which is often used to describe how cool and handsome a particular character is, suits the main character well. As it describes how self conscious the main character is.

Wrapping up

So far i am liking this anime, which might as well become a better adaptation than the manga. However i really can’t say that confidently because, well manga with a good story does not always get best adaptation, so i really hope they do not mess this one. Overall a good episode.

Overall Episode Rating – 3.8/5

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