Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 - Sasuke and Shikamaru

Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 : Sasuke and Shikamaru

Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 : Naruto Hiden Anime adaptation is pretty interesting in its own way, It makes me want to know about other individual important characters and their development. How many years its been since i thought that Naruto Shippuden was interesting! Naruto is a part of my childhood, so like others who are skipping Naruto thanks to the insurmountable fillers, i am sticking to it no matter how much the quality of the series dropped. Now i am glad to say that was worth it.

Thanks to the Naruto Hiden Anime adaptation the quality of the series has improved and it makes me curious for the next week because the episodes are interesting!! Although, i was pretty lagging behind thanks to the long vacation of Christmas and New year and New Anime Series, i managed to catch up with the episodes this week. For those who are not aware of what’s going on, Sasuke Shinden adaptation is over and now today the first Shikamaru Shinden was released.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 Sasuke’s change

So the last time when i reviewed Naruto Shippuden Episode 486, i mentioned that in the episode it was revealed that the two people travelling with Sasuke in search for the mastermind of exploding humans were actually the true masterminds. But there wasn’t any surprise because when Sasuke Shinden arc started they animators/staff working on the episode quite revealed the face of the antagonist of this and hence there was no shocking moment. Now if you’re talking about shocking moment then there are two of them in this arc.

First the mastermind Chino’s and Fuushin motives were not the destruction of Konoha but they wanted to lure out Sasuke Uchiha, Since it was Uchiha clan who drove Chino’s clan into the corner, and because of them they all died she wanted to take revenge on him. Sasuke was originally not fighting with an intent to kill hence he was holding back and hiding his true strength, fighting while holding back was putting lot of stress on him but he some how managed to defeat Fuushin.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 - Fuushin vs Sasule
Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 – Fuushin vs Sasule

Then Chino came to confront Sasuke, however as suspected he put her on the knees easier than it was Fuushin, the reason for that because its the difference between the strength of Fuushin and Chino. Fuushin is stronger than Chino when it comes to physical strength and his Justu takes advantage of that however Chino overpowers Fuushin thanks to her Unique dojutsu, “the Ketsuryugan.” So when she was battling with Sasuke she was using her surroundings to battle with him, she controlled the liquid and created water dragons using her Kekkei genkai, to battle with Sasuke and because of that he was able to defeat her easier than Fuushin.

Second thing is experience, Chino didn’t have real battle experience, and that was the same thing with Fuushin, so this lack of real battle experience turned out to be more of an advantage to Sasuke when he battled both of them. However Sasuke’s did not wanted to kill them so he some how managed to convince Chino and Fuushin with his version of “talk no justu” and somehow he made them surrendered. From then onward, they were taken to konoha, where Mizukage took them in her custody and offered them to work of the Kirigakure which surprised them, however Kakashi did made them realize that the world is changing and is slowly becoming a better place to live.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 - Sasuke vs Chino
Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 – Sasuke vs Chino

He also tells them, that Sasuke went to the underground arena and put himself on the bet – He will fight all the shinobi present in the underground battle arena. If he looses, he will give his sharingan to the winner, and if he wins he will take the rights of every Shinobi who were there as prisoner fighters for underground illegal fights. This news surprised even more, Naruto handled the situation by saying that, “Sasuke is doing this for you guys, you guys were once forced to fight too and hence this shouldn’t happen with anyone else, that’s why, he is doing this so don’t underestimate him.”

Sasuke defeats each and every Shinobi and takes their rights and then he handles them to Kumogakure, Kumogakure even seizes all rights of underground arena and shuts it down forever, Raikage acknowledges Sasuke’s change and his efforts in changing the world and he tells him how it turned out to be good that he didn’t kill him and he even revealed how Naruto once begged him to spare Sasuke and then finally he told him to continue his good work. This in fact makes it very clear, that Sasuke is making significant changes throughout is Journey, it doesn’t matter if its small or big, but those things he does teaches him in return and this is how is Journey of redemption is turning out to be a fruitful one!

Ah! and yes the second surprise of this episode Oyashiro was Chino’s father!

Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 Shikamaru’s change

Now turning out to the latest episode which was released today, the Shikamaru Hiden arc starts from here onward, which in fact tells the character development of Shikamaru. After the war Shikamaru volunteered to be the right hand or personal secretary of Hokage, so that he can expand his horizons and become more capable as a Shinobi. From the beginning of Naruto series, Shikamaru was a type of guy who would do things perfectly if he puts his mind to it however, he lets everything aside by saying his usual phrase – “its a drag.” 2 years later after war, Shikamaru is doing well with his job, so well that even Kakashi tells him “what i would do without you!”

It was no more a surprise because this was something Shikamaru wanted to do and he was being serious, so it was pretty obvious that he delivered good performance on his job. On the other hand Naruto who is training his mind and body for being Hokage, Shikamaru is hell bent on the thing that he would be the one to support Naruto when he will become Hokage and that’s why he shouldn’t be the one left behind. As a character of Naruto Series, we never knew what Shikamaru is, what was his thinking what he was feeling as compared to the main character of series, now this time since this entire novel which is getting adapted is based on Shikamaru, we are getting more details about Shikamaru, and his way of thinking and living.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 - Shikamaru's Story
Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 – Shikamaru’s Story

If you have watched the movie “Will of fire” and the Hidan-Kakuzu arc you will know that when Shikamaru get serious about something he will take things seriously and will do it with a sense of responsibility and so when he thinks that something is dangerous he will take care of things alone, without involving his friends. This time, the situation was similar, Shikamaru is Kakashi’s right hand so he is following him every where and at the same time he keeps training himself so if ever times comes when he needs to be active on the front-lines he won’t lack behind. But at the same time he is taking things to seriously! He is acting as if he need to take care everything himself. Which kinda makes Temari worry.

Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 - Ino and Chouji
Naruto Shippuden Episode 487-489 – Ino and Chouji

The world is peaceful since the Shinobi alliance is permanent after the fourth ninja world war, however rebels are born in every corner of the world, this time Kakashi had sent Sai on a mission that orders him track down a rebel named Gengo he was further ordered to see if he is a type of person with whom its possible to negotiate. However, Sai and his team was trapped and hence he was only able to inform that Gengo is not the type of person to negotiate, in fact he is a type of person that can become threat to Shinobi alliance. And since Sai didn’t came back in fact he sent a message, this worried Shikamaru and Kakashi even more and hence Shikamaru himself volunteered for the mission to assassinate Gengo and bring back Sai.

Hence as expected this time he didn’t ask anyone from the Konoha eleven to accompany him for this mission, in fact he asked two anbu black ops to team up with him. Since this mission needed a three-man cell team, the two anbu black ops specialized with assassination techniques was enough for him and then finally he embarked on a mission. In this episode we saw how much Shikamaru has matured as a person and Shinobi. However, at the same time he is over-working himself to exhaustion. Which ultimately changes our opinion over Shikamaru being a type of Shinobi who does his work when he puts his mind on it, to a opinion of Shikamaru being responsible person. At the same time its strikes us real hard that person changes, as they grow either due to situations or surroundings.

Wrapping up

The episodes from 487-498 were real interesting episodes which gives us a brief look on each character and their development, furthermore Shikamaru’s story has only started and so i expect the further episodes of the story to be even more interesting.

Finally, Naruto Shippuden January-February Schedule is up which even confirms that Shikamaru side story will run from January 12 to February 09 and from 16th February onward, Konoha hiden light novel adaptation will start which will cover the part of Hinata and Naruto’s wedding. For more details check out – Naruto Shippuden January-February Schedule.

Overall Episode Rating – 4.5/5

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