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Studio ghibli producer Suzuki shares Miyazaki’s thoughts on Kimi no na wa

Studio ghibli producer shares miyazaki's thoughts

Studio ghibli – The February 2nd early issue of “Bugeinshunju’s weekly Bunshun magazine” featured an interview with Studio ghibli former producer Suzuki Toshio, regarding the setting of “girl loosing her way in some another world,” Just like the film “Spirited away.”

Studio ghibli producer Suzuki shares Miyazaki’s thoughts

Suzuki Toshio – I predicted that someone will make use of that setting sometime.

Apparently director Hayao Miyazaki agreed with Suzuki’s words and overall sentiments. According to him Miyazaki stated that, he won’t do it, but the film (Kimi no na wa) just went the way i thought.

According to the producer Suzuki the term another world is used successfully again and again and he even had a hunch that Makoto shinkai is a fan of Hayao Miyazaki. The former studio ghibli producer even praised Makoto shinkai film saying that – “the film is made in a way that all the characters in the movie, the overall drama, the lines and the music makes the background stand out. The high sky fall that seems like it could be breathed in was especially impressive.”

About a month ago Kimi no na wa surpassed Spirited away at the international box office with a collection over $289 Million worldwide. And its expected to earn even more considering its North American release. Also last week the film returned at the top spot at the Japanese box office once again. Although the movie was not selected for the Oscar. We tried to analyze the reason behind that, if you are interested you can read that – Why Kimi no na wa was not selected for oscar? lets analyze!

Miyazaki is well known for his harsh comments and criticism. He remained silent in case of Kimi no na wa, but his thought was shared by former studio ghibli producer shared his thoughts in the interview from which we could say are the positive thoughts. So lets say Shinkai could breathe a sigh of relief.

[News source – Yaraon]

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