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Watching Anime First time? Few things you can consider before starting!!

Watching Anime First time – last year i did a recommendation which consisted a list of over 100 anime series, from which you can choose the anime that you want to watch it, if you’re watching anime for the first time. Read more in detail – Anime starter pack.

However, the problem i encountered is lots of people start of randomly, and even after providing the entire list of anime series, they can’t seem to make a proper decision over choosing their first anime series. So in this article we’re going to discuss few things that you can consider before you can start watching anime.

Watching Anime First time? Few things you can consider

01. Your taste or Your Preference

Watching anime first time - Taste and Preference
Watching anime first time – Taste and Preference

I will get this one straight, Majority of people who first start watching anime, get bored at first because they choose something random, without thinking about their taste. So basically you need to think about the genre, that you would prefer to start with. Lets say you really want to start with something that is light heart, then you can just search Google for like Top 10 best light heart anime that you can watch for first time, and you will get all the recommendation you want.

02. Start with Minimum and Review Your Stuff

Watching anime first time - Start with Minimum
Watching anime first time – Start with Minimum

When it comes to taste or preference lots of people tend to struggle, in deciding one thing between the list of couple of things. Its like you love both Romance and Action but you can’t decide one of them, and then you decide to watch everything and by the time you try to finish everything, you may give up. To avoid such things the best is you can do, choose first 2-5 anime from both the genre and then read their synopsis and spoiler free reviews. If you find something interesting go with it.

03. Start with Movies

Kimi No Na Wam Review - Mitsuha meets Taki
Watching Anime for First Time – Start With Movies

If you can’t decide from which series you can start watching anime for the first time, you can start with anime movies. First its best to start with some Makoto Shinkai Movies or Studio Ghibli Movies, this will help you figure out what kind of anime series you prefer or you want to watch.

Here are some recommendation articles i wrote last year that can help you with that :-

  1. To 30 Anime movies you should watch
  2. List of all Makoto Shinkai Movies

04. Go with the flow

Watching anime first time - Go with flow
Watching anime first time – Go with flow

If your friend recommended you some anime movies and anime series in which he has absolute confident that you will love it, then go ahead and watch it. If you like that’s good, if you don’t like then criticize him later (LOL). The best thing you can do if you don’t like the anime series or anime movie your friend recommended you is look for some more recommendations using google or you can look on this website too.

Here is the link that can help you with that – All anime recommendations done by Otaku Vines, or if you don’t want to do that then go for the main stream anime series like Dragon ball, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, Code Geass, Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood.

05. Read the synopsis/ story summary before you start

Watching anime first time - Read before you startWatching anime first time - Read before you start
Watching anime first time – Read before you start

This is kind of obvious thing to say but i do have quite strong reason to mention this separately, that’s because reading the summary of the entire story helps people to reconsider and recheck everything with their choice. This does not give you 100% perfect results but, this helps you to review your choice and makes your decision firm.

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