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Boruto next generation anime characters staff cast and preview

Boruto next generation anime is going to air on 5th april 2017, and today we got our hands on the official details about the Boruto next generation anime characters and other details such as, staff, cast, preview and two new visuals for the TV Anime series revealed by the official website.

Boruto next generation anime characters & Much more

Anime         Boruto : Next Generation Sequel
             Release date    5th April 2017 After Naruto shippuden ends
 Studio  Studio Pierrot Kishimoto writing story
Genres Action, Adventure, Shounen Original work – Mikie Ikemoto & Ukyou Kodachi

Promotional Video for the Anime series

Official synopsis for the Anime

Boruto next generations anime is a sequel to the original series of Naruto and Naruto shippuden which follows the adventure and the story of Naruto’s son Uzumaki Boruto and his friends Uchiha sarada (Sasuke’s daughter) and Mitsuki (Orochimaru’s son).

The Konoha village continued to become modern village and in fact you see electric cars running in the village, building tall as skyscrapers, giant television monitors showing live broadcast of news and other things. In this new era the name konohagakure is just for glory the village is not hidden ninja village anymore as normal people also came to live in the village. Everything changed including the lifestyles of Ninja too.

Boruto the son of the Seventh hokage Uzumaki Naruto has joined the Ninja academy to learn the ways of Ninja, the people in his class calls him the ‘Son of hokage.’ But Boruto’s personality drives those negative comments and talk away. Boruto will encounter new friends and allies but how he will handle these mysterious incidents that are breaking around him? the story of Uzumaki Boruto starts now!

Key visuals for the anime

Boruto next generation anime key visuals
Boruto next generation anime key visuals

Boruto next generations anime characters list & voice actors

01. Boruto uzumaki – Yuko sanpei

The protagonist of the series Boruto is son of Naruto the seventh hokage and Hinata from the one and only Hyuga clan. Just like his father his grades at the academy is not got and he has complex at his father’s overwhelming greatness. He is a troublemaker and has a rebellious attitude.

02. Sarada uchiha – Kokoro kikuchi

Sarada is the daughter of Sasuke uchiha and Sakura, Sasuke is Naruto’s best friend and his eternal rival, serious and stubborn like her mother. She has rebellious attitude towards her father who is always away from village because of special missions.

03. Mitsuki – Ryuichi Kijima

He is Orochimaru’s son and he is a transfer student among the group of Boruto and Sarada. He is always calm, his emotions and expressions are hard to read and thanks to that no one knows what he is thinking.

Then there is the cast of old cast from Naruto and Naruto shippuden, the cast list for the rest of the new generation characters, you can found it on the official website of Boruto the source link is given below. But from the above visual it seems that they are going to use the same character designs from Boruto : Naruto the Movie.

[Source – Honeyfeed & Official website]

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