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Boruto Next Generation Anime releases on 5th April 2017!!

Boruto next generation anime release date

Its finally here, the upcoming issue of weekly shounen jump magazine revealing that the Boruto next generation anime is going to be released on 5th April 2017! Along with that it also revealed the cast and staff working on the new Boruto next generation anime series

Boruto Next Generation Anime release date & details

As i said earlier along with the release date, they also announced the cast and the staff working on the new Boruto anime series.

The cast for the anime series

  • Boruto uzumaki – Yuko Sanpei
  • Sarada uchiha – Kokoro Kikuchi
  • Mitsuki – Ryuichi Kijima
  • Naruto uzumaki – Junko Takeuchi
  • Hinata uzumaki – Mizuki Nana
  • Sakura uchiha – Nakamura chie
  • Sasuke uchiha – Sugiyama Noriaki

The staff for the anime series

  • Chief director – Norikyu Abe who is former director of bleach
  • Director – Hiroyuki Yamashita – The one who directed the Boruto : Naruto the movie & Naruto vs Sasuke final fight for the Naruto shippuden series.

The currently going Konoha Hiden light novel anime episodes will end in the month of March.

  • Episode 494-495 (One-hour special) : Part 01 & 02 – Naruto’s wedding
  • Episode 496 : Part 03 – Hot springs and Food Pills (Focuses on Shikamaru & Temari, Sakura & Ino)
  • Episode 497 : Part 04 – Kazekagae’s congratulations (Focuses on Gaara)
  • Episode 498 (Final Episode) : Part 05 – Last Mission (Naruto and Hinata’s wedding ceremony)

Boruto : The next generation will start with an original story, written by none other than Masashi Kishimoto. He did mentioned that he will start the new Boruto anime with some light episodes, something that kids can enjoy rather than moving directly towards the darker episodes that are going to come in Manga.

Also Boruto manga will finally begin with the new arc with Chapter 10 that is set to release by the end of this month i.e on 27th February 2017.

[News Source – Spiralling Sphere]

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