Dragon ball super episode 77 - Goku and team

Dragon ball Super episode 77 review – The tournament of power!!

Dragon ball Super episode 77 – So starting today I’ll be reviewing Dragon ball Super Episodes after future trunks arc and Goku vs Hit filler because shit is about to get real!. The Dragon ball super episode 77 marks the start of the “Universe survival arc” that we have been waiting for so long.

Dragon ball super episode 77 – Synopsis of the arc

So even before the arc began, we fans were aware of what the story of the new arc was going to be. Thanks to all the interviews and news and spoiler leaks. The official website also revealed the story of the arc which states that – Goku asks Zen-oh sama or the Omni King to conduct the martial arts tournaments between all the universes. The losers will get their universe destroyed and what awaits the winners nobody knows.

Dragon ball super episode 77 review

So the episodes starts with the two Omni kings playing a game of chess that is played with the planets from each universes. Both of them were trying to destroy planets from each other’s army and the last one remaining wins. However they played this game for while and were bored so they were desperately waiting for something new!!

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots - Omni King
Dragon ball Super episode 77 – Omni King

For those who are wondering why the friendly martial arts tournament between all the universes turns into a survival tournament this chess game scenario showed at the beginning of the episode is enough to give us a clear explanation. This is just a game!! That’s it, this survival battle is nothing more than just a game for Omni king just like the chess game at the beginning of the episode.

Dragon ball super episode 77 – The reason behind Gohan getting rusty finally revealed

The episode showed Goku fighting a group of thugs where he get a little bruise because of the bullets that the thugs fired at him, when beerus asked him about the bruise he said that he haven’t fought or trained hard for the long time, that’s why he has gotten a bit rusty. This clearly states that the Universe survival arc takes nearly a year later of the future trunks arc and in between all those peaceful days. Goku didn’t fought or trained enough and that’s why he is gotten rusty and needs to train.

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots - Gohan
Dragon ball Super episode 77 – Gohan

This reasoning is also related to Gohan’s and Krillin’s case, Krillin got hurt by bullet and Gohan got rusty and is not strong now like he was in his teenage days, So we can say that they both left the world of fighting and stopped training. This is in fact natural and related to every martial artist or every person. Lets take an example so it will help you to understand things little better – If you’re gymming for a long time and then suddenly you take break for few months and stop exercising completely and ignore your diet. Your body will start gaining fat and you will loose all the muscle you built. Gohan lost all his muscles and he looks more skinny Krillin and Goku are still in shape because they do basic training to maintain themselves is a perfect proof to that example.

Dragon ball super episode 77 – Vegeta Being a Good Father & Goku being more dumb

One more proof to my statement that i made earlier – “Universe survival arc takes nearly a year later of the future trunks arc,” is Bulma being 9 months pregnant with her second child. The starting episode of the Universe survival arc, i.e today’s Dragon ball super episode 77 showed, Vegeta being a good father! Vegeta, actually is more mature than Goku in such cases, he genuinely cares for his family and now he is keeping watch on Bulma, ignoring the training with Beerus & Whis because his second child is going to be born soon. Shows how much Vegeta is matured as a character of Dragon ball.

Dragon ball super episode 77 - Goku and Vegeta
Dragon ball super episode 77 – Goku and Vegeta

On top of that Goku is getting dumb and dumb every episode in Dragon ball Super, I mean compared to Dragon ball Z i don’t know why but they portrayed Goku as a numb skull who don’t know anything except fighting. In Dragon ball Z Goku and Krillin teased Gohan over Videl and then in Super they showed that Goku don’t know anything about kiss. In this episode too he invited Vegeta to train with him and Vegeta rejected him because Bulma was going to give birth soon! and Goku was like i don’t know what it is because when Goten was born i was dead. He was alive when Gohan was born and at that time he was with Chi Chi and even after that he says he still don’t know the importance of the situation. This proves that Goku is dumb in super compared to Z.

Dragon ball super episode 77 – The tournament of power

While training with Whis and Beerus, Goku remembers that Zen-oh said that he would conduct a martial arts tournament along with the warriors from every universe and he then decides to asks Zen-oh to conduct the tournament once again. Zen-oh agrees with it and then its decided that 10 warriors from every universe will fight in this Martial arts tournament and that’s where the episode ended.

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots - TeamDragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots - Team
Dragon ball Super episode 77 – Team

However the last part gave us a clear explanation on Zen-oh’s personality. Beerus was scared when Goku decided to talk to Zen-oh and he did explained that Zen-oh is just innocent like little kid but that’s makes him more scarier than ever. He does things without knowing that right and wrong and he does that on whim and that’s what makes him scary. In this review i did explained that why the friendly martial arts tournament of the world turned into survival tournament. Because for him its just a game.

Wrapping up

This was one decent episode and it did good job of building up the plot for the new episodes coming in future. What do you think about this episode? share your opinion via comments.

Overall episode rating

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