Dragin ball Super Episode 78 - Plot end Gohan

Dragon ball Super Episode 78 – Plot end revealed before it even began

Without wasting any time “universe survival arc” is delivering us crispier stuff, however i suspect that in today’s episode i.e in Dragon ball Super Episode 78  the end of the arc was revealed even before it began or its most likely a foreshadowing because, currently there are two theories floating on the internet after today’s episode. We will get to that later first lets discuss about the episode.

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Dragon ball Super Episode 78 Review

Summary – Not much happened in today’s episode, basically this episode just displayed everyone’s reactions and response to the situation present in front of them. In this episode grand priest who is Whis’s father revealed the details about the tournament (location and date) and what winners and losers will get. Winners will get super dragon balls to wish anything they want and losers will get their universe destroyed.

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots - Omni King
Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc  – Omni King

So everyone gets pretty shocked by the rules laid by the grand priest and zeno. However since Zeno from the future didn’t the previous tournament that happened between Universe 6 and Universe 7. He wanted to see Goku’s fighting once again so they arranged guest match between Universe 9 and Universe 7 and the 3 warriors from each universe will fight against each other and Goku decides to choose team member for the guest match.

He asks Vegeta once again but Vegeta rejects him because his baby is going to be born, then he asks Gohan also Goku tells Gohan about the destruction of Universe and then Gohan agrees to fight. Goku chooses Buu as the third member of team and then they visit at Zeno’s place, the guest match between Universe 7 & 9 starts and Majin buu is first one to go. The episode ends there.

Plot revelation

If you’ve read the above summary of the episode, i mentioned that the losers of this tournament will get their universe destroyed by zeno and winners will get super dragon balls. I think they just revealed the end of the arc in this episode.

Dragon ball Super Episode 78 - Super dragon
Dragon ball Super Episode 78 – Super dragon

Its like they are stating that Goku and others will win and then they will wish all the universe destroyed by zeno back. But many fan theories say that a rebellion against zeno and grand priest will take place but chances of getting this theory right is very low.In fact i think that Goku and others will wish all the destroyed universes back because considering what has happen in the entire dragon ball history, this is seems like a common scenario.

Toei copying Luffy’s personality with Goku?

If you’ve watched Dragon ball series from the very start i.e from the point where Goku was kid – We saw Goku growing and we saw him getting mature day by day. Even though he maintained a bit of stupidity, he was mature and sensible towards the dangerous situations. Now in Dragon ball Super Goku got an entire personality change, and somewhat i think that its similar to One piece’s Luffy, He has the similar care free attitude of Luffy.

Dragon ball Super Episode 78 - Goku and Luffy
Dragon ball Super Episode 78 – Goku and Luffy

When grand priest revealed the losers will get their universe destroyed, everyone were shocked by this revelation, and that everyone includes Goku too. But he was back with the carefree attitude like “Well yeah, we just have to win then!” later he revealed Gohan the secret, he had more serious look on his face even when he got into preliminary guest match he was serious all the time! but not Goku, his happy go lucky attitude was the same as ever.

Somewhat that is a bit annoying, because its like this new personality change intends to crush the vision of mature Goku from Dragon ball, Dragon ball Z and Dragon ball GT and replace it with this new care free personality. Even in the movie Battle of gods and Ressurection of F, Goku was not this much stupid.

How much strong Gohan is now?

In the dragon ball super episode 78 grand priest reveled that the future zeno wants to see Goku’s fight because he did not saw the previous tournament that took place between Universe 7 and Universe 6. So they set up a guess match between Universe 7 and Universe 9 each universe will bring their three strongest warriors that will fight against each other in the tournament.

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots - Gohan
Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc – Gohan

Among the three members from Universe 7 Gohan is also in the team, and when he changes to his fighting uniform, we can notice the results of his training that he has been doing until now. He is little buffed up and you see him in little mystic form. So the question just pops up in the mind that – “How much strong Gohan is now?” from the episode it looks like he got his previous strength back but as according to him he is still dull when it comes to fight sense. Although Goku is pretty confident that he can get back his fighting sense pretty fast, i think that this preliminary match or guest match will become stepping stone for Gohan where he will know how much he is lagging behind.

Side characters getting more attention

Talking of side characters getting more attention, it looks like this universe survival arc is not only going to be featured on Goku and Vegeta and certain someone i.e the strongest rival that will be featured in this arc, but in this arc side characters like Majin Buu and the others will get more attention, especially i am looking forward to universe 7 team’s (excluding Goku and Vegeta) performance against the warriors who are expected to be stronger than them.

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots - Tien and Androids
Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc – Tien and Androids

Especially Majin buu, at the end of the dragon ball super episode 78 and the preview of the next episode features the guest match between universe 7 and 9 and Majin buu is still in play mode and he is not getting serious. In fact he is like “I’m going to kill you!” and i guess that play full attitude of his is going to be the turning point from him, because he is not fighting for kill and he is fighting in front of gods. He might receive an attitude/personality change  Even though i am saying all this about Majin buu, this is nothing more than just a simple hunch of mine that can get wrong.

Wrapping up

The episode 78 of Dragon ball super was still used as a build up for plot and i guess the guest match which is on going now will be also used as build up for further plot development and character development. Still this episode was decent when you consider the story line build up and it gives you the feel that ,”Things are only getting started!.”

Overall episode rating – 3.7/5

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