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Dragon ball Super Episode 79 – Majin Buu’s epicness & development!

Dragon ball Super episode 79

This week Dragon ball Super episode 79 was continuation of previous episode from where it ended last week, and as expected Majin buu was playing with his opponent! But what was more surprising is the development of Majin buu’s character! Well its not like that he is getting a complete character renewal but its like he became more sensitive towards situations and things.

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Dragon ball super episode 79 review

This episode was no complex episode, in fact it contained just the battle part and that made this episode pretty simple and easy to understand episode. Even though i did mentioned above that majin buu became sensitive towards situations and things, his core behavior is similar to how it was back in the DBZ days. Childish and cheerful, who don’t know what he is doing.

Dragon ball Super 79 - Basil
Dragon ball Super 79 – Basil

So the reason he was playing with his opponent and not being serious because he was instructed by Satan to not get serious and kill his opponent. Although, when i saw the preview of episode 79, i thought Buu was purposely playing with his opponent and this might get him into the tough situation because he is fighting in front of all gods. But that was not the case fortunately Zen-Oh liked his playful personality, maybe because he is somewhat similar to him or they may just have thought that he (buu) is enjoying the fight from his bottom of the heart!

Dragon ball Super 79 - Buu laughing
Dragon ball Super 79 – Buu laughing

Majin buu has grown consistently strong ever since the fight with kid buu, in super and movie battle of god its beerus was able to beat the shit out of him because he was not at his level, never less he continued to grow strong and this fight was the proof of that. So out of all the fights we saw related to majin buu, i think this was one of the greatest because we able to see him go all out against his opponent which he rarely ever does.

Dragon ball Super 79 - Basil Cheating
Dragon ball Super 79 – Basil Cheating

One more interesting thing i like about this fight that it has no rules of so the fight continues even when the person is out of the rings and ends only when one of the fighters die or unable to move. So its more like a fight to death tournament and not your regular world martial arts tournament. So basically even cheating is allowed!

Dragon ball Super 79 - Buu Kamehameha
Dragon ball Super 79 – Buu Kamehameha

That’s more like an advantage to the person who he is extremely fixed on winning and this episode was the exact proof for that. And about the character improvement about Majin buu and how he became sensitive towards the thing that is clearly evident here. When Mr. Satan got her Majin buu gone all out and whacked the shit out of his opponent.

Dragon ball Super 79 - Basil lost
Dragon ball Super 79 – Basil lost

I know Buu fighting for Satan is not something new but yes but the behavior is quite different from his previous reactions towards the similar things which is quite the evidence to Majin buu’s character development.

The art and animation

Dragon ball super episode 79 has great art and animation glad they switched to the new style of animation adapted from the old style. But as expected Dragon ball super definitely looks better if they switched to old style.

The opponent & gods from universe 9

Except for the god of destruction who have barbarian attitude, kaioshins are more like calm gods. However the with universe 09 that role is quite opposite. It looks like kaioshins are barbarian and god of destruction is the calm one. Which is quite intriguing in its own way.

Dragon ball Super 79 - Universe 09 Kaioshins
Dragon ball Super 79 – Universe 09 Kaioshins

Also the fighters from Universe 09 are somewhat unique too the power types differ completely from the usual Dragon ball style and that makes this episode even more interesting. Everyone ind Dragon ball has ki which can be sensed even gods have the ki that can be sensed by other gods, but the opponent from the universe 09 has ki which even normal humans or god cannot sense. So i am quite curious to know what kind of power is that.

The usual looking down cliche

There is this one usual shounen cliche that i am really annoyed about and that is the ‘looking down’ cliche, in any shounen series the main group or main character is always underestimated by some group or person, and dragon ball super episode 79 was no exception and seriously that’s annoying.

Wrapping up

Overall this episode was good, the action scenes were well executed. It is evident that studio is quite serious about this arc, because so far there are no sloppy scenes and the episodes are quite sharp with their progress.

Overall episode rating – 4/5


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