Dragon ball Super episode 81 Spoilers confirmed

Dragon ball Super Episode 81 Spoilers – Goku vs Crusher Bergamo [Update]

This week we’re getting spoilers for Dragon ball Super Episode 81 from one and only herms98, who is responsible for giving all the confirmed spoilers for Dragon ball super. So those don’t want to get spoiled, please refrain from reading this article further and those who are interested lets check out Dragon ball super episode 81 spoilers.

Update : Dragon ball super episode 81: Goku a true villain? Nope!

Dragon ball super episode 81 spoilers details

This week we’re going to episode 80 of dragon ball super is going to get released, the spoilers for 81st episode of Dragon ball super comes from the episode 81. So as we’re aware that this week we’re going to see Gohan in action again, but we’re not aware of what will happen with Goku’s fight. [The below given image has correction, which is corrected in the transcript.]

Dragon ball Super episode 81 Spoilers
Dragon ball Super episode 81 Spoilers

The above image reveals a little spoilers for the next week’s episode which focuses on Goku’s fight! Here is the transcript of the above image.

Dragon ball super episode 81 title – Son Goku vs Crusher Bergamo, which has the sky-high strength

Release date – 5th March 2017

Summary – The omni-present match between Universe 09 and Universe 07 comes to its final round, does Goku have a shot for victory? The final battle for the omni-present match is Goku vs Bergamo, Bergamo uses some slick talking to get the entire stadium one Universe 09’s side and completely turn them against Goku and gang! What’s more Bergamo shows his ability to turn his opponent attacks in his own power, how will Goku fight against such a tricky foe?

Cursher Bergamo shows his stuff, Omni king this week : Taking is declaration back to wipe out the universes?! Accepting Bergamo’s proposal. Omni king announces that if universe 09 wins he will withdraw his plans to wipe out the universes who will loose in the tournament of power! What is the aim of omni king?

Update : Dragon ball super episode 81: Goku a true villain? Nope!

So what do you think of the spoilers for Dragon ball super episode 81. Share your opinion via comments.

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