Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots previews characters

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots – The official twitter account of Dragon ball super TV Anime posted some screenshots of Dragon ball super universe survival arc opening sequence, which shows how epic the arc is going to be. The opening will debut with the new Universe survival arc that will air tomorrow i.e on Sunday, 5th February 2017.

The official link for the screenshots of Dragon ball Super new arc – Dragon ball super TV Anime Japan.

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots

The screenshots previews, the warrior team for Universe 7, All gods, Goku fighting, Android 17 & 18 and Tien, Gohan training with Piccolo and much more.

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The official website of the Dragon ball Super TV Anime describes the story of the arc in the following way :-

According to the invitation that Goku gets, the Omni king is starting a Martial arts tournament between all universes known as “Chikara no Taikai” (Tournament of power). However this tournament becomes the beginning of Universal destruction? Something awaits winners and losers of this tournament. What will become of this team battle between the elite warriors of each universes…

Previously a new promotional video of Universe survival arc was revealed, which showed the characters that will be featured in this new arc along with all gods of destruction. Also we got to know that the legendary super saiyan broly is returning back to the series but as a female saiyan warrior.

For more details you can check this article out : Broly returns as female!

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