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Fairy tail Manga on final arc – Fairy tail dragon cry tells story after arc?

The official website of the new Fairy tail dragon cry movie revealed that Fairy tail manga is on its final arc. Its also known as the ‘Last arc.” also the movie’s website revealed that the manga sold 60 Million copies world wide.

Fairy tail Manga – Final arc details

The currently going arc which showcases the war with Zeref and the Spiriggan 12 is the final arc of the Fairy tail manga. It was quite obvious for a while for those who are reading the manga, however this news comes with a quite plausible theory about new movie of Fairy tail.

Yesterday we announced that Fairy tail dragon cry is going to be release om 6th May 2017 along with that we also revealed that Hiro mashima the original author of Fairy tail is heavily involved with the film making process as he is serving as an executive director. He also drew first promotional key visual for the movie featuring Natsu in half dragon mode.

Fairy tail dragon cry movie
Fairy tail dragon cry movie

The theory –  If Fairy tail manga is on its last arc and the new movie is going to be released on 6th May 2017, it is possible that the Fairy tail manga will end before the release of the movie and this new movie will tell the story after the final arc. However its also possible that the movie will serve as an epilogue for the final battle of the final arc. Because Natsu being in half dragon mode, its quite evident that Natsu will achieve dragon form at the end of the Manga and will control it with his own free will just like Acnologia.

The release of the new visual poster featuring Natsu in half dragon mode and then announcing that the fairy tail manga is already on its last arc makes this theory a possible theory.

Fairy tail before received two television anime series along with several OVA and spin off manga based on individual characters out of which the story of first master of Fairy tail guild “Mavis Vermillion,” was adapted into anime series which aired as a canon-filler along with the second Fairy tail anime which was released in the year 2014.

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