Hungry Marie Manga Chapter 1

Hungry Marie Manga Chapter 1 – Beelzebub’s author returns!!

Hungry Marie Manga Chapter 1 – Beelzebub’s manga author ‘Tamura Ryuhei’ is back with a new interesting manga known as Hungry Marie, last month in January, i announced that shounen jump is launching six new series, this year, which includes manga written by Beelzebub’s author. And so here we got the new manga, which is offering as intriguing story line. Involving supernatural phenomenon, mostly related to occult and that is combined with romance, food, action and comedy? So basically you will find everything inside it.

Hungry Marie manga chapter 1 Review

Hungry Marie offers you kind of love-comedy plot-line which is not seen in shounen jump until now. A girl named Anna becomes the neighbor of the main character taiga, and she becomes taiga’s crush. But the rivalry between two families makes them strangers to each other despite being close friends. One day taiga sees, Anna doing some supernatural or occult stuff and because of that he gets caught up in that. Its a battle love-comedy manga which offers a very interesting story.

Hungry Marie Manga Chapter 01 - Anna and Taiga
Hungry Marie Manga Chapter 01 – Anna and Taiga

If i were to give this chapter a very honest review, then i would say that i can say that the Mangaka ‘Ryuhei Tamaru’ has Shikamaru’s personality. Because i can see him being lazy and genius at the same time. Why lazy? because almost every character that came in chapter 1 has chara-design based on the characters of Beelzebub manga. Oga tatsumi is back in the lead as Taiga, Kanzaki is now Taiga’s best friend and Anna’s father is based on Alaindelon and many other characters from Beelzebub are here in this Manga.

In fact its not something new, many authors have done it in the past and majority of them got away with it because of the story being interesting and in this case the story of Hungry Marie manga is going to save Tamura Ryuhei from all the negative criticism from shounen jump readers. In my case, i prefer being it this way because its kinda gives me all the nostalgic feelings regarding Beelzebub.

Why genius? because Hungry marie manga chapter 1 clearly states that the story is based on pretty self aware perspective. As he was able to grab readers attention with all the twist just in chapter 1. Although, The comedy is very top-notch the punches are delivered with a timing enough to make you say that its interesting. Things are calculated pretty accurately and each and every scenario defines the meaning behind the characters action which refines the story!

Hungry marie manga chapter 1 gives you a horror feel at start, then once again it gives you a comedy feeling, then it switches to romantic and then it switches to action and then occult, then romance and then horror and finally comedy once again. This never ending circle just keeps on going and at the end of the chapter it makes you wonder, ‘that yes chapter 1 was enjoyable and i will read the next chapter too but what’s this manga about?’

Hungry Marie Manga Chapter 01 - Taiga in Marie form
Hungry Marie Manga Chapter 01 – Taiga in Marie form

In other words the goal, or the motive is not yet defined. Majority of manga starts with a clear goal or motive that yes – the manga is about a certain guy who will achieve a certain goal, or a manga is about guy and his adventures. This kind of clear outlook was not visible when i read hungry marie chapter 1. It was like i am reading Gintama all over again. Its not that i am comparing it Gintama, Hungry marie and Gintama are in their own two relams. But their unspecified motive which is one common thing that makes these two series interesting to read.

Wrapping up

So far i find this manga interesting would be definitely sticking to see how it turns out and is it worth reading or not. The manga’s first chapter was brilliantly setup, so that the story can smoothly transitioned into second chapter. So what do you think of this chapter does it piqued your interest? do tell me.

Overall chapter rating : 4/5

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