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Japanese Animator shares how much work it takes to make anime!!

Japanese animator – Being an Animator in Japan is tough, and top of that animation takes a lot of work. So with packed schedules and mountain of workload, makes the Japanese anime industry one of the busiest industries in Japan. Viewers/Audience always want anime series to be in best quality but its hard to deliver the best quality series and that’s why you see some low quality animated areas in one or two episodes.

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If the quality of the episode is bad, then episode receives bad criticism, no matter how hard the animators have worked, their efforts are not spared either. However, despite of all this, have you ever wondered how much work it takes to make and short animation clip of 7 seconds? If you’re eager to know about this, then you should take a look at the speed animation video shared by Japanese animator on his Youtube channel which shows how much hard work is required to make short animation clip of 7 seconds.

Speed animation video by Japanese animator

This speed animation video is from a Youtube channel called Beluo77, which shows the level of work it takes to make short animation clip of 7 seconds. Even though the video is in fast forward mode and shows every work in high speed it still takes our breath away because the video makes it very clear that it almost takes 8 to 10 hours of work to make a small animation clip that is only 7 seconds long!

Also this video answers why anime series are made in 23fps (which is default) and why they are not made on higher fps. Lets do the math here. Takes this 7 second clip as an example :-

23 fps * 7 sec = 161 frames that includes the 161 pages of drawings which are fully colored and has background and foreground and the in-between animation to make it smooth. If that 7 second animated clip would have made on higher fps then it would have required more work which includes more frames, more drawings etc.

Now while working with anime series every work requires their own dedicated teams, however we will try to scale this work for an entire anime series that have nearly 25-50 episodes. Once again we need math. PS – we will only take an 23 minutes long episode as an example that will explain the gravity of the situation.

23 minute episode * 60 seconds or 1 minute = 1380 seconds. So 23 fps * 1380 seconds = 31740 frames. So, in 25 episode series 31470 frames for 1 episode each. That’s a lot of work!

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