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Naruto Shippuden Episode 494 – Final arc Naruto Hinata wedding P1

Naruto shippuden episode 494

Starting today Naruto shippuden embarked on its final journey with the final arc konoha hiden, that started from Naruto shippuden episode 494. So lets wave goodbye to serious arcs and action scenes because the calm-types episodes are going to be released every week.

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Naruto Shippuden Episode 494 Review

Well if you guys expected this wedding arc to start with Naruto and Hinata being the center of attraction then you’re wrong. From the looks of the first episode the main lead characters of this arc i.e Naruto and Hinata won’t appear until the end of the arc. Also this naruto shippuden episode 494 was just a setup, highlighting on the events that are the becomes the true catalyst behind the story of konoha hidden light novel.

Konohamaru and the handy cam – The technical growth in Naruto world

Naruto shippuden episode 494 - Konohamaru
Naruto shippuden episode 494 – Konohamaru

The episode starts of with konohamaru recording video messages from Naruto’s friends giving him best wishes for his wedding. Damn technology can grow fast in anime, because konohamaru is using handy cam to record the video messages. Well considering kakashi using a laptop in his office this is quite normal, but still this technical growth in naruto shippuden series is itself weird.

Iruka and Kakashi’s mental turmoil

Getting back to the topic as i said earlier, this episode acts as a setup for the future events that will take place in the konoha hiden story. Also this episode focuses on two things primarily first thing is the wedding ceremony of Naruto and Hinata and the second thing Iruka’s life as a teacher.  So when konohamaru who is recording videos of Naruto’s friends giving him best wishes for weddings asks Iruka to say something, Iruka gets nervous and tells him that he will do this later. After that he takes a trip back into memory lane, when he sees young students at the academy playing same prank as him.

Naruto shippuden episode 494 - Iruka and a fellow teacher
Naruto shippuden episode 494 – Iruka and a fellow teacher

Although he stops them another thing comes in front of him, Iruka is asked to become the vice price of Konoha ninja academy and he then asked to take the required exams for the job. On the other hand Kakashi being a hokage he prefers that people should just call him, how they used to call him before he was a hokage.

In short he is not used to people calling him ‘Hokage sama’ or ‘Kakashi sama’. Kakashi is also stressed with arranging Naruto’s wedding, since Naruto is quite famous because of his work in fourth great ninja war. His wedding is quite a big deal, and since every adult shinobi is on a mission, he is on a stalemate because he can’t seem to find a way to invite people to the wedding ceremony at the same time appoint people on other important duties such as to guard the village

Naruto shippuden episode 494 - Kakashi
Naruto shippuden episode 494 – Kakashi

Shizune proposes the rule that his predecessor Tsunade came up with i.e telling each and every shinobi to bring the best wedding gift they could and the gathered gifts will be judged, the number of gift from the people which got approved those gifts and the people who bought them will attend the wedding and the rest of the people whose gifts were not approved will be appointed on the important duties. Indirectly this will be the way to measure the level of friendship, hence kakashi rejects the idea because he doesn’t want to be called as the worst Hokage of the history.

Ebisu jealousy and Iruka’s determination

Coming back to iruka, he is still wondering that he should take the exam or not, at ramen shop he meets Konohamaru and Ebisu who happened to be there just to eat ramen and Iruka tells them that he is asked to become the principle of the Ninja academy.

Naruto shippuden episode 494 - Ebisu
Naruto shippuden episode 494 – Ebisu

Ebisu gets jealous of Iruka and thinks why he is not one of the candidates. Kakashi arrives there too and when he hears he tells that its impossible however before completing his words he has to return to his office due to emergency.Wondering the meaning of kakashi’s words, Ebisu takes advantage of this situation and tries to demotivate Iruka so he can refuse the offer of promotion but instead it backfires and Iruka becomes determined.

Iruka’s trials and realization & Kakashi’s decision

In this review i did mentioned that Iruka stops students from playing similar pranks when Naruto played in his earlier days, so every time stopped them he put Naruto as an example, at first his students didn’t believed him that he was the teacher of Naruto, however when Iruka started working hard for the exams he started bringing more examples of Naruto and that made one of the student upset Iruka somehow convinced that student and at the same time he realized that he is not suitable for the position of vice principle because at the end of the day what he was doing is comparing one student with the other, something that a vice principle or any teacher shouldn’t do.

Naruto shippuden episode 494 - Kakashi Hokage
Naruto shippuden episode 494 – Kakashi Hokage

That’s why he tells Kakashi that he would like to focus on the students that are front of him and he won’t take the promotion of vice principle. This makes kakashi realize as a hokage to him both his village and his students are important and he can’t differentiate between the two or give importance to one thing and not to other. He need to give importance to both and hence he becomes and that’s why at the end of Naruto shippuden episode 494, he convinces himself the rule that Tsunade came up with.

The surprise element

Naruto shippuden episode 494 - Orochimaru
Naruto shippuden episode 494 – Orochimaru

The most surprising element in the Naruto shippuden episode 494, was Orochimaru’s comic appearances in the entire episode. That made me crazy, first appearance was when Konohamaru was recording video and the second appearance was when Kakashi and others were at the ramen shop. What’s more surprising and funny was Yamato tailing Orochimaru everywhere he appears in the episode.

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Wrapping up

Overall Naruto shippuden episode 494 acted as a good plot build up episodes for the future events also it showed Iruka’s aspects of life as a teacher and Kakashi’s life as a Hokage. Also if you’re wondering which episode is coming next week check out the schedule of Naruto shippuden for February and March.

Overall rating – 3/5

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