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Naruto Shippuden Episode 495 – Final Arc Naruto Hinata Wedding P2

Naruto shippuden episode 495 featured

This week’s Naruto shippuden episodes was one hour special combining the previously reviewed Naruto shippuden episode 494 and the latest release Naruto shippuden episode 495 which focuses on the event after the episode 494. Well in my previous review i did mentioned about to say goodbye to serious arcs and serious action because the calm type of episodes are going to make their appearance, however i didn’t expect any kind of things that would probably foul my mood since i was pretty much excited for Konoha hiden arc anime adaptation. But unfortunately Naruto shippuden episode 495 destroyed my expectations.

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Naruto shippuden episode 495 review

Since i have read konoha hiden light novel i knew that the first episode was going to be about “Rock lee,” episode 494 acted as a plot build up episode and in that episode sixth hokage Kakash did ordered everyone to bring a gift for Naruto’s wedding. So in this episode Rock lee was worried about what he should be gifting Naruto! Rock lee by nature is muscle head and he doesn’t know anything about such things. Hence even a simple job like buying a wedding gift for Naruto and Hinata is pretty much stressful for him.

Naruto shippuden episode - 495 - Rock lee
Naruto shippuden episode – 495 – Rock lee

This episodes depicts that ordeal, in a comic way. I won’t be giving an in depth review of this episode because the episode itself is pretty simple to understand. So as i said earlier Rock lee was worrying about what wedding gift he should buy and he decides that he will gift dumbbells to Naruto and Hinata as a wedding gift. Tenten decides that she will give a cute gift to Naruto and Hinata but because she doesn’t have any kind of romance experience and she is not used to such kinds of things, she decides that she will give a decorated kunai to wedding couple.

The episode was fun but…

Naruto shippuden episode 495 was fun to watch but i must say that the rough and wishy washy animation made the episode feeling terrible. Studio pierrot must have thought that since the episode is going to be all gag it should have that 90’s shinchan anime type gag feel. I would like to say that the decision was not bad but the animation style doesn’t suit anime series like Naruto shippuden. The entire episode made me feel like i was on drugs.

Naruto shippuden episode - 495 - Tenten
Naruto shippuden episode – 495 – Tenten

Since both the story and characters have mature feel around them and hence if the episode content of the series is filled with gag then the characters of Naruto shippuden are designed in a way that they can get accustomed to any kind of plot style. Whether its gag or any serious arc it doesn’t matter, but this new animation that was done for today’s episode was something which made this episode worse. Well at least the next week’s episode has good animation.

Once again Orochimaru stole the show however Neji was good too

Naruto shippuden episode - 495 - Neji and Orochimaru
Naruto shippuden episode – 495 – Neji and Orochimaru

Once again orochimaru stole the show just like he did in the previous episode 495. However the surprise appearance this time in Naruto shippuden episode 495 was of Neji which made me laugh.

Wrapping up

Overall this was good episode, it was fun to watch, but more importantly i can’t wait for the next week’s episode because it focuses on my favorite couple of Naruto series – Shikamaru and Temari.

Overall episode rating – 2.5/5 

Animation rating – 1/5

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