Sword art online season 3 confirmed with teaser – SAO will return!!

Last time we informed you that Sword art online season 3 or SAO season 3 was confirmed at the end of the movie, in advance screenings in Japan and fans confirmed that the the anime will continue with Season 3 i.e Alicization arc. However fan confirmation has no weight it becomes nothing more than a rumor.

In case of sword art online season 3 this rumor became true. The sword art online ordinal scale movie opened in Japan  today for public and ended with a teaser that says “SAO will return.”

Sword art online season 3 confirmation details

At the advance screening of Sword art online ordinal scale movie, the original novel author ‘Kawahara Reiki’ who was present there expressed his view to work more about story now that he is wrapped up with Alicization arc. Thus confirming that there is enough source material for the season 3 and hence at the advance screening they teased that Season 3 for Sword art online is coming.

Sword art online season 3 - Alicization arc
Sword art online season 3 – Alicization arc

Fans even shared their views on the announcement of season 3 on twitter.


However we thought that this must be something different and no season 3. Well fortunately what these fans shared on twitter is now a global truth. Because today the movie ordinal scale opened in Japan and at the end it teased that “SAO will return”. Now this certainly doesn’t give us a concrete evidence that they teased about season 3, but, they definitely won’t use “SAO will return” words for teasing about some kind of another SAO movie or OVA or any kind of one hour special episode. So we can 100% say that SAO season 3 is definitely under work and we expect it to be released by the end of this year i.e 2017 end, or by the start of the next year i.e 2018.

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