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Tokyo ghoul live action movie actress retires to join religious organization

The leading actress of Tokyo ghoul live action movie who plays the role of Kirishima Touka in the movie announced on Sunday that she is retiring to join the “Happy science religious organization.” Due to unbearable amount of stress she receives from her work.

The organization was formed in 1986 by “Okawa Rhyu”. The founder of the organization “Okawa Rhyu” claims to be the incarnation of a supreme spiritual being called “El Carante” and can channel the spirits of Buddha, Jesus christ and Prophet Muhammad.

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Tokyo Ghoul live action film actress Shimizu Fumika retirement details

Tokyo ghoul live action - Shimizu Fumika
Tokyo ghoul live action – Shimizu Fumika

The 22 year old actress of Tokyo ghoul live action movie announced on Sunday that she will be retiring to join the “Happy science religious organization.” She announced this news after a week she went missing due to stress. A letter written by her was read on her behalf by happy science spokesperson and her lawyer which states.

I have been working in this industry for 8 years, but my heart can’t accept some of the content of this job and i have not been able to live properly because of this i went into deep state depression everyday. So i want to enter priesthood.

Shimizu tells that the work hours are unreasonable that comes with low pay also she claims to get low pay ($438) for her movie kamen rider foruze without a bonus and she says that she was forced to wear a swimsuit for despite her protests. The statement further mentioned that she is facing resistance to end her contract with the talent agency she is linked with.

Happy science club is quite a controversial organization which is always criticized as the religious cult in Japan. Shimizu’s parents introduced her and her three sister to the controversial religious organization by birth and since then onwards they have been following it unbeknownst to her agency.

[News Source – Aramjapan, Hochi.co.jp ]

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