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Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 coming shortly – Viz Media Senior Director [Updated]

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3

The ICV2 posted an interview of Viz Media senior director ‘Kevin hamric’ of sales and marketing department, who cited that Tokyo ghoul season 3 is coming shortly. If you’re interested you can read full interview on their official website – Interview with Kevin Hamric.

So lets focus on the main question instead on focusing on the entire interview

Update – Animenewsnetwork asked Viz media about what Kevin hamirc said, Viz media replied that Kevin hamric misquoted about Tokyo ghoul another season. The anime receiving another season is Boku no hero academia.

Tokyo ghoul season 3 coming shortly

There is no news regarding Tokyo ghoul season 3 as it is not announced in Japan yet. But this interview of ICV2 had a question to which the reply of Hamric is something that piqued my interest.

Here is extract of that :-

Anything change in the last few months in terms of the streaming environment, new shows coming on, or anything that’s helping?

Nothing that’s been recently released, but One Punch Man is coming back on with season two.  There’s going to be another season of Tokyo Ghoul coming shortly.  Later in the year, those would be the bigger releases on the anime side.

Netflix is going to be releasing a live action movie for Death Note, hopefully this year

[Source – ICV2]

“There is going to be another season of Tokyo ghoul coming shortly” these words from the senior director of sales and marketing department of Viz media, strongly concludes and convince us that the Tokyo ghoul season 3 for TV anime is under work or at least discussions/talks are going on!

Last year in October Viz media licensed the Tokyo Ghoul:re manga which is written by Ishida Sui and plans to release the series starting this fall in western countries.  Also on October 2015, Funimation president ‘Fukunaga Gen’ confirmed that Tokyo Ghoul season 3 for TV Anime is set for 2016 release, however it was postponed.

So from the words of Kevin Hamric it is expected that the season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul TV Anime might be released this fall of 2017.

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