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BBC journalist says Anime and Manga medium promotes Pedophilia

BBC Journalist & Takeshi Nogami

BBC Journalist Stacey Dooley interviewed Takeshi Nogami where she claims anime & manga promotes pedophilia, to be honest this is one of the controversial topic which was once center of attraction and its still as controversial as ever.

Takeshi Nogami went on a twitter talk yesterday about the recent interview he had with a BBC Journalist for a documentary titled as – “Young s*x for sale in Japan.” He was a character designer for the anime “Girls und Panzer,” The three hours long interview which was supposed to be about Nogami’s opinion about deception of young girls in anime took a pretty horrible turn and ended up with the reporter commenting :-

My desire is to put all pedophiles and one who produce pedophilic media in Jail.

According to Nogami this one-on-one interview turned into an argument on the topic of “Human desires” between two people who have different terms and opinions. In which Takeshi Nogami believed and in fact admitted that human has dirty desires where as the Journalist Dooley believed that humans are pure and in fact doesn’t possess any dirty desires and can be corrupted through media which shows gore, erotica and pedophilia.

BBC Journlist interview with Takeshi Nogami
BBC Journalist interview with Takeshi Nogami

Nogami revealed that the conviction of Journalist on this topic was so strong that in fact it made him feel that how scary it is that someone would go to such great lengths from promoting their own sense of justice on the topic they aren’t familiar with. Here is the entire translated interview by “WalterInstinct.

 I was interviewed by this lady at my workplace. One-on-one Q&A session for three hours.

Through that, I realized one most important thing. I was thinking about releasing it online as manga, but…The core difference between this interviewer and myself was the attitude towards human beings. My position is ‘all human beings have dirty desires. Isn’t it better to be vented appropriately?’

On the contrary, Ms Susie stated this. ‘All human beings are naturally innocent and have no dirty desires, and reading media depicting erotic, pedophilic, and gore contents will affect them to be corrupted.

Then I realized. So, the definition of human being or ‘operating system’ is different. After the three hour long interview, this realization was the most productive experience, I think.

Oh, on top of that, she said, with the look of a hitman from Black Lagoon, ‘My desire is to put all pedophiles and ones who produce pedophilic media into jail.’

Ah, ‘justice’ is kinda scary when it infects people. Isn’t trying to substitute everything into the subject of that sentence? It’s been two times where I was interviewed like this. She ignored me when I said, ‘Don’t look at us to turn away from your problem within the UK.’

During the interview, we touched upon ways that we can tackle the child abuse issues in the Commonwealth world. She said, ‘banning all fiction like this!.’

I suggested, ‘Well, solve poverty first. Legalizing fiction that has no victims will lower the crime rate.’

She seemed like she didn’t get the idea. It seems her view is a common one throughout the Commonwealth countries. That’s why you can get arrested for having a porn comic in Canada. So objection in words might not help much. It might be better to foster young, enthusiastic comrades within them.

Ms. Susie asked me, with formal voice, ‘Why don’t you Japanese people follow what the UK does?’

So I answered, ‘Why don’t you British people people follow Japan, since we’re more civilized, and have a lower crime rate than the UK.?’

[News source – GoBoiano & Takeshi Nogami’s Twitter]


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