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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Anime New Trailer With Opening!

The official website of Boruto Naruto next generation anime revealed a new promotional video featuring the opening theme of the new anime series. The opening theme is made by ‘KANA BOOM’ band the one who opening theme for Naruto shippuden anime and Boruto Naruto the Movie.

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Anime New Trailer

As from this trailer its clearly evident that we won’t get to see any serious arcs for quite a while as it focuses on Boruto and his life as an academy student. Previously we got few details about the new Boruto anime series that shed some light on the overall plot, we also got some character details, if you’re interested you can see this full article – Boruto : Next generation anime complete details.

Well kishimoto did suggested in an interview that the new arc which he will write for the anime will have a peaceful beginning, something which children and all the fans who followed the Naruto series for 15 years will enjoy. This is all because. This is all because they want to create a nostalgic environment, which will gradually make them understand that the time in the Naruto world has changed and the old characters are now responsible adults.

The official synopsis

The Konoha village continued to become modern village and in fact you see electric cars running in the village, building tall as skyscrapers, giant television monitors showing live broadcast of news and other things. In this new era the name konohagakure is just for glory the village is not hidden ninja village anymore as normal people also came to live in the village. Everything changed including the lifestyles of Ninja too.

Boruto next generation anime key visuals
Boruto next generation anime key visuals

Boruto the son of the Seventh hokage Uzumaki Naruto has joined the Ninja academy to learn the ways of Ninja, the people in his class calls him the ‘Son of hokage.’ But Boruto’s personality drives those negative comments and talk away. Boruto will encounter new friends and allies but how he will handle these mysterious incidents that are breaking around him? the story of Uzumaki Boruto starts now!

More further details

The official title of the anime series is changed, now the anime is titled as “Boruto Naruto next generation” the name is similar to that of Boruto Naruto the movie. Which clearly states that the anime is not only about the next generation but its also about the previous generations who are considered as heroes and legends in the new generation which has gotten used to the peaceful lifestyle. The anime is set to release on 5th April 2017.

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