Dragon ball Super Episode 81 - Goku SSJ

Dragon ball Super Episode 81 – Goku the true villain? Nope!

Dragon ball Super Episode 81 – Ever since i started Dragon ball Z, i used to wonder that, “What if the fighting lust of Saiyans brought the most troublesome catastrophe to the world?” However there was no arc in the entire Dragon ball history that explored that possibility, until Dragon ball Super Universe Survival arc came. I think Toriyama somewhere realized that people are expecting good things from Goku and they have that particular mindset which says, “No Goku will never do something like this,” and so he thought of making a situation where Goku will end up being the cause of the world’s and universe’s destruction.

Dragon ball Super Episode 81 - Goku SSJ Blue
Dragon ball Super Episode 81 – Goku SSJ Blue

For that purpose it was important to give exposure to Goku’s carefree & joyful personality that he had from the beginning when he was a kid. As he grown up he became mature and had a slight-intelligence and insightful personality and he was quite sensitive towards serious situations. But in Dragon ball Super that mature, slight-intelligence and insightful personality even that sensitiveness disappeared and this universe survival arc made this even more clear as Goku doesn’t even realized how dangerous the situation is and how big the price he has to pay just because he asked Zen to conduct a All Universe Martial Arts Tournament which he promised to do way back.

Dragon ball Super episode 81 Review

I think everyone here is missing a point, though Dragon ball Super episode 81 made Goku looked like a villain, we as viewers must not forget that Goku just wanted a friendly tournament between all universes, he never thought that Zen oh will put such extravagant terms and condition to that tournament. Even Zen has the power to destroy universes he lack the intelligence as god, that is in fact necessary to rule all the universes. So its not that Goku’s careless and carefree attitude is the cause of destruction its the attitude of Zen who is the main cause of destruction.

Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots - Omni King
Dragon ball Super Universe Survival Arc Screenshots – Omni King

The very first episode of Universe survival arc is the evidence to that, Where the two Zen oh were playing chess that involves destroying the each other’s set of planet. One more evidence was shown in the last week’s episode, where the grand priest admitted that Zen wanted to destroy universes from the beginning, then Goku suggested this tournament and then they thought that this was the great opportunity to carry out the work of Universe destruction, so we thought that whoever will loose in this tournament their universe will be destroyed.

Dragon ball Super Episode 81 - Goku
Dragon ball Super Episode 81 – Goku

In other words Goku is not a true villain! its the two Zen and Grand priest and in anime nobody can say anything against those three, the one who gets the blame game is Goku and that’s what it was shown in Dragon ball Super episode 81. There is a theory which says that since Zen oh lacked the required intelligence as a ruler, Grand priest filled that place for him and he suggested this Universal destruction to Zen oh. So Grand priest is controlling each and every decision making process that Zen oh has to do so he can take place of Zen oh! I think this is an interesting theory but its also not possible at the same time! why? lets see.

The reasoning

Dragon ball Super Episode 81 - Two Omni Kings
Dragon ball Super Episode 81 – Two Omni Kings

In the Goku Black arc, whis mentioned that the God which an Angel serves dies the Angel is unable to move! so this theory won’t come true unless and until Grand priest have some kind of plan to restrain Zen oh’s activities. Even if he has one plan, now that the Future Zen oh came into play, his existence will make it even difficult to restrain Zen oh’s activities. So if he were to take Zen oh’s place he would have no choice but to make use of Zen oh’s existence and if by any chance Zen oh & other gods came to know of this secret plan he would do something to stop Grand priest because even if Zen oh is careless he can differentiate between good and evil.

Crusher Bergamo vs Goku and rules for the main tournament

Goku vs Cursher Bergamo was similar to Yakon vs Goku, In DBZ Yakon ate Goku’s power and became powerful and so Goku fed him more power and he self exploded. What set Crusher Bergamo vs Goku apart from Yakon vs Goku is that Bergamo, who was Goku’s opponent was able to utilize the powers he stole from Goku. In other words he did not self explode. Although they didn’t waste anytime here, and instead of extending the fight they clearly displayed that Goku was way too overpowered for Bergamo.

Dragon ball Super Episode 80 - Goku vs Bergamo
Dragon ball Super Episode 80 – Goku vs Bergamo

After the fight, The grand priest explained many rules for the main tournament, the tournament will be 48 minutes long and will take place in the world of void. The battle won’t be one vs one, in fact it will be battle royal where the last one standing will win, and there is only one rule in 48 min throw your opponent out of the ring, don’t kill him and even if he is collapsed you have to throw him out of the ring. Also flying is not allowed.

Goku vs the God of destruction candidate

The candidate for God of destruction challenges Goku because he thinks Goku is evil and just like us he was missing the main point which i explained above! Anyways it will be fun to see what will happen in the next episode

Wrapping up

This dragon ball Super Episode 81 was quite good, a bit fast paced but it was fun watching. Also we can say the arc is leveling up its content every week and that’s quite a good sign, so we can expect some good episodes.

Overall episode rating – 4/5

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