Dragon ball super episode 82-85 spoilers 17 and buu

Dragon ball Super Episode 82-85 Spoilers : Android 17 & New Updates

So we have spoilers for bunch of Episodes from our reliable source Herms98, right from Dragon ball Super Episode 82-85 and the spoilers teases the return of Android 17 and Goku’s determination to protect everyone.  Also the spoilers tells that we won’t get any episode this week! i.e episode 82 airs on 19th March instead of 12th March.

The below spoilers of episode 84 & 85 have a bit of update

WARNING : Those who aren’t interested in reading spoilers, please don’t read this article ahead anymore.

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Dragon ball Super Episode 82-85 Spoilers

Dragon ball Super Episode 82-85 Spoilers
Dragon ball Super Episode 82-85 Spoilers

Dragon ball Super Episode 82-85 Spoilers Transcript

Episode 82 – I won’t forgive Son-Goku!! The warrior of justice, Toppo’s intrusion

Releases on 19th March.

After the battle with crusher bergamo, Toppo challenges Goku for fight saying that he will destroy him as he is evil who brought destruction to all universes. After fighting for quite long the Grand priest stops their fight and tells them to settle things at tournament of power. The tournament of power will be a battle royal where 80 warriors from 8 universes will battle all at once, if anyone of them falls from the stage they will lose and losing means getting their universe destroyed, and the tournament will begin in 40 Hours.

Episode 83 – From the universe 7 team, who are the strongest 10?

Releases on 26th March.

Goku returns to the earth to find the 10 warriors who will determine the fate of Universe 7, With the tournament of power closing in, Bulma and Vegeta cradle a new life, a life that Goku and others must protect. Can Goku gather the strong members for the battle which they must win at all cost?

Episode 84 – Son Goku the talent scout? Inviting Krillin and No.18!

Releases on 2nd April.

As the tournament of power which they can’t afford to lose approaches, and Vegeta and Bulma having a second child, now Goku has one more thing that he must protect at all cost, So Goku puts more effort into selecting members that will compete in the tournament, Goku goes to krillin and Android 18’s home.

Update – Krillin agrees to participates but 18 refuses so Goku lures Android 18 to take part in the tournament of power by telling her that winner will get 10 Million Zenny.

Episode 85 – The Universes get into gear : Each one’s thought

Releases on 9th April.

Goku visits the god Dende in order to learn the location of Android 17. Meanwhile, the Kaioshins of all the universes participating in the tournament of power, gather in the Universe 11.

Update – At Dende’s place Goku’s spot Majin Buu and ends up sparring with him. PS – Majin Buu has slimmed down because he was training non-stop for the tournament of power

So these are the spoilers for Dragon ball Super episode 82-85, what do you think of them? Share your views via comments.

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