Fairy tail dragon cry movie trailer

Fairy tail Dragon cry movie trailer teases the end of Fairy tail

Fairy tail dragon cry movie trailer is out and to be honest, the scenario looks epic because the movie teases the end of the story as well as the end of the manga. The reason why i am saying this because not only they announced that the manga is final arc, the trailer of the movie itself gave the proof of its climax.

Fairy tail dragon cry movie trailer

The official website of the new Fairy tail dragon cry movie revealed that Fairy tail manga is on its final arc. Its also known as the ‘Last arc.” also the movie’s website revealed that the manga sold 60 Million copies world wide.

The theory –  If Fairy tail manga is on its last arc and the new movie is going to be released on 6th May 2017, it is possible that the Fairy tail manga will end before the release of the movie.

Fairy tail dragon cry is going to be release om 6th May 2017 along with that we also revealed that Hiro mashima the original author of Fairy tail is heavily involved with the film making process as he is serving as an executive director. He also drew first promotional key visual for the movie featuring Natsu in half dragon mode.

Fairy tail dragon cry movie
Fairy tail dragon cry movie

Fairy tail before received two television anime series along with several OVA and spin off manga based on individual characters out of which the story of first master of Fairy tail guild “Mavis Vermillion,” was adapted into anime series which aired as a canon-filler along with the second Fairy tail anime which was released in the year 2014.

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