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Gintama 2017 new trailer shows Kamui vs Gintoki [Incoming]

Sunrise’s official website for Gintama started streaming a new trailer since yesterday for Gintama 2017 anime which shows Kamui vs Gintoki. The trailer footage was originally made for an event in Japan but they couldn’t show the entire footage as planned, so to compensate for that, the website will be streaming the below given footage of Kamui vs Gintoki till 12th March 2017 (till 10.59 am E.D.T)

Gintama 2017 new Key Visual
Gintama 2017 new Key Visual

The above image is the new key visual poster specially made for the Gintama event. You can see the trailer on the official website too, if you want – Gintama anime 2017 event!

Gintama 2017 – Kamui vs Gintoki trailer

Opinion – Gintama 2017 anime is the continuation of the long running Gintama anime which focuses on the final phase of the story. Kamui vs Gintoki is one fight of the series that we were looking forward to for so many years, its also one of the fight which was bound to happen. So far the trailer footage highlighting that fight is practically saying that this one fight is going to be one hell of an amazing fight! The number of episodes of Gintama 2017 anime which came until now is a perfect evidence to that.

Gintama 2017 anime started airing from 8th January 2017, The previous anime adaptation for Gintama aired from 8th April 2015 to 30th March 2016. Which covered Shinsengumi arc and Shogun arc.

The anime Gintama is adapted from the Manga (same name as anime). The Manga is written by Hideki Sorachi and he originally launched the manga in the year 2004 and is continuing, he did said that the Manga has already entered final arc by the month of July of the last year however he is not sure when the Manga will end. Gintama is one of the top selling Manga of Japan.

Gintama has also got live action movie adaptation starring Oguri Shun, if you are interested you can read the whole news here : Gintama live action.

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