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Hideaki Anno to fans : Evangelion & Shin Godzilla movies incoming!!

Hideaki Anno at Shin Godzilla x Evangelion symphony event

Madman entertainment official twitter account revealed on Wednesday – Hideaki Anno asked fans to expect next installment of Shin Godzilla movie and Evangelion movie at the live event of Shin Godzilla x Evangelion symphony, which took place at Orchid hill, Shibuya.

Hideaki Anno announcement & Event details

Hideaki Anno at Shin Godzilla x Evangelion event
Hideaki Anno at Shin Godzilla x Evangelion event

Employee of Madman entertainment who attended the event at Orchid hill, Shibuya, revealed the news via the official twitter account of Madman entertainment. The following news was tweeted with a poster of the live symphony event.

Hideaki Anno confirms next and films live at the Shin Godzilla vs. Evangelion Symphony! 🎶

The symphony event even included “Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra” by the following people :-

  • Masamichi Amano – Local university marching band and choir group
  • Miyagi Junko – Solo performance on Piano
  • ¬†Tsuyoshi con – Solo performance on Guitar
  • Miyashiro Eric – Solo performance on Trumpet
  • Hideo Yamaki – Solo performance on Drums
  • Kenji Takamizu – Solo performance on Bass

Hayashibara Megumi the voice actress of Ayanami Rei from Evangelion and Shin Godzilla actor Matsuo Satoshi, hosted the event. Special guest for the event was Takahashi Yoko who is specially popular and known for performing the original opening theme of Evangelion titled as “Cruel Angel’s Thesis”. And finally the surprise guest for the event was Hideaki Anno the director of Evangelion movie and Shin Godzilla Movie.

[News Source – Madman]

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