High School of the Dead Mangaka passes away at the age of 52!!

Writer and Mangaka Satou Daisuke the one who’s responsible for writing Zombie apocalypse manga, High school of the dead passes away at the age of 52 due to ischemic heart disease.

News details on the High school of the dead mangaka

Satou daisuke’s work includes popular High school zombie apocalypse manga High school of the dead which was on the extended Hiatus since March 2011. Although a new chapter did released in April 2013 but its said that the author soon lost interest in the work!.

High school of the dead anime
High school of the dead anime

No details regarding his death has been revealed yet, except for the reason of his death. The family already held a funeral for his death and his younger sister, Shinmyou Yuuko was the chief mourner at the funeral service.

[News source – Yahoo Japan]

Message from Otaku Vines Team

High school of the dead was my (our) favorite series, after “I am a hero manga” so due to the unconfirmed extended hiatus of the manga i lost my hope for the anime to get another season, rumors were that the creator lost the interest in the series and now this news came as a real shock! My condolences and prayers to Satou Daisuke and his family. Rest in peace.

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