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Hiro Mashima : Fairy tail Dragon cry is connected to final chapter

In the recent interview, Fairy tail Manga Original author “Hiro Mashima” commented on the new upcoming movie – Fairy tail Dragon Cry, in which he serving as an executive producer and is involved in the film making process, revealed that the final chapter of the Fairy tail Manga is connected to this new movie and also hints the nearing end of the Manga.

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Detail on Hiro Mashima’s comment on movie

When the trailer 01 of the movie was released it was already revealed that the movie is almost featuring the end of the Fairy tail manga. However the trailer 02 revealed that the movie has a complete different story. So for a while there was confusion among the fans regarding Fairy tail’s finale and Hiro Mashima has cleared some of the confusion with his recent comment on the movie.

Fairy tail dragon cry trailer 01

Fairy tail dragon cry trailer 02

The movie is set to release on 6th May 2017 and the original author Hiro mashima himself drew the storyboard for movie.

Movie cast

  • Natsu Dragneel – Kakihara Tetsuya
  • Lucy Heartfilia – Hirano Aya
  • Kugimiya Rei – Happy
  • Nakamura Yuichi – Gray Fullbuster
  • Erza Scarlet – Ohara Sayaka
  • Satou Satomi – Wendy
  • Horie Yui – Charles
  • King Animus – Furukawa Makoto
  • Sonya – Aoi Yuuka
  • Minister Zash – Saito Jiro

Movie staff

  • Director – Minamikawa Tatsuma’
  • Screenwriter – Yomemura Shoji
  • Character design & Cheif animation director – Yamada Hiroko
  • Music – Takanashi Yasuharu
  • Sound director – Hata Shoji
  • Executive producer & original work – Hiro Mashima
  • Animation production – A1 Pictures
  • Production – Fairy tail production committee
  • Distribution – Gaga Corporation

Hiro Mashima’s comment

Japanese version – 『DRAGON CRY』は、『FAIRY TAIL』の最終章に繋がるエピソードのひとつです。

Translated version – Fairy tail dragon cry is the movie which leads to the final chapter of the Fairy tail Manga, This time i wanted to make this movie special, so i used quite a different approach in writing the name (storyboard) for the movie. Which was definitely not used in the previous movie. I would like my fans to enjoy the movie, hence the movie is packed with plenty of surprises. Please look forward to the activities of “Fairies” until the end!.

[News Source – Comic Natalie]

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