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Initial D Author to start Car Racing Manga once again this summer!!

Initial D author to start new manga

The early 18th issue of this year’s “Kodansha’s young magazine” which will be released on 3rd April 2017, has revealed that Initial D Manga author Shuuichi Shigeno to start a new car racing series once again!.  Along with that this 18th issue will also have final chapter of Shigeno Shuuichi’s ‘Sailor Ace’ manga. In other words he is wrapping the series next week.

What’s this new series by Initial D author is going to be about?

Not much detail has been revealed by the early 18th issue but the issue features the summer release of the series and reveals what’s the new story of Manga is going to be about!

New racing manga with self driving cars
New racing manga with self driving cars

The new car racing manga by Initial D author will take place in the future i.e in the year 2020, where ‘self-driving cars’ are on the on the top of the era. The series will feature a protagonist (male or female not revealed) who graduates as topper of the class of the racing school in England and goes back to Japan.

Details on currently going manga

After ending the Initial D Manga back in 2013, Shigeno launched the new ‘Sailor Ace’ Manga in June 2015 in the same magazine and the story of the manga is described by MyAnimeList & ANN in following way :-

The “tenacious youth” manga centers on a gal who has a gifted right arm who becomes part of a women’s baseball club.

And as i mentioned earlier he is about to wrap up the Manga on 3rd April 2017. So what do you think about this new upcoming car racing manga? personally we think that car racing with self driving car is an interesting concept. But we are quite eager to hear your views!. So do comment your views in the comment section below!.

[News Source – ANN]

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