Naruto Shippuden Finale confirmed for 23rd March 2017!!

Finally its here the official date for Naruto shippuden finale is confirmed, around last month we released a February March, Naruto shippuden schedule in which we speculated that the anime is going to end on 09th March 2017. However now we have the official date.

Naruto Shippuden Finale Details

This year’s 14th issue of shueisha’s weekly shounen jump magazine is teasing on Monday that the finale for Konoha hiden arc which is the final arc of the Naruto shippuden anime is slated for 23rd March 2017, which will be the anime’s 500th episode too.

The episode will focus on Iruka’s wedding message to Naruto, however the magazine doesn’t say anything about the continuation of Naruto shippuden anime which means on 23rd march the final episode of Naruto shippuden will air. The ending named ‘Zetsu Zetsu’ by Swimy will be the final ending for the series.

PS – Its also possible that the on the 30th March there will be another episode focusing on the family and life of Naruto and Hinata after marriage. Although its just a theory from our side

Naruto shippuden ending - Shounen jump issue
Naruto shippuden ending – Shounen jump issue

From April 5th i.e on Wednesday, new Boruto anime will start which will focus on the next generation and Naruto’s life as the seventh hokage of the konohagakure village. Also Boruto manga finally began with the new arc with Chapter 10 that is set to release by the end of this month i.e on 27th February 2017.

Boruto : The next generation will start with an original story, written by none other than Masashi Kishimoto. He did mentioned that he will start the new Boruto anime with some light episodes, something that kids can enjoy rather than moving directly towards the darker episodes that are going to come in Manga.

So only three weeks left until they wrap up with the entire Naruto shippuden series. What do you think of this news? share your opinions and thoughts via comment section below!

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