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One Piece Manga staff shows how weekly shounen jump cover is made

One Piece Manga staff share process of making Jump covers

Today i came across an interesting video on YouTube, The official YouTube channel of One Piece Manga staff shared a video on their channel which shows how the cover for Weekly shounen jump magazine is made every week! Where the process begins with making illustrations of One Piece characters and ends up with a complete cover.

One piece manga staff – Process of making Jump Cover

Note : The video is rendered in high speed but all the process if making shounen jump cover shared by one piece manga staff is clearly recorded.

Weekly shounen jump is the king of all shounen manga magazine in Japan, in short its the most influential and popular magazine, it maintains 20 different series and publishes them in a 500 pages magazine.

The process in the video is not so grueling but, this amount of work usually takes 3-5 hours of work which includes everything that shown in the video.

However after that a regular audit is done to find the mistakes and if mistakes are found a certain amount of time is given for rectifying it depending upon how major the mistake is, it may even exceed the time limit. And after everything is done the manga magazine is published.

Shounen Jump Magazine in Bakuman Anime
Shounen Jump Magazine in Bakuman Anime

All this and that too on a weekly basis. If you’ve watched the live action movie of Bakuman, the movie gave a complete overview of Shounen jump in 2-3 minutes of short introductory video.

In Japan, A Mangaka’s first preference is Shounen jump magazine, the rest of the publications comes after that. But its pretty obvious that this is not an every time scenario. There are some cases in which Mangaka prefers other publications before of shounen jump.

So what’s your impression and views on this video? Are you seeing this for first time? or you have seen this before?

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