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Ramen daisuki Koizumi san Manga gets Anime adaptation!!

Ramen daisuki koizumi san anime adaptation

According to Japanese news source “Comic natalie” early 23rd issue of Takeshobo’s Manga life storia magazine revealed on Tuesday that, Gourmet food manga “Ramen Daisuki Koizumi San” is getting television anime adaptation, Studio Gokumi is handling the animation of the anime series.

What’s Ramen daisuki Koizumi san Manga is about?

The manga revolves around female girl character Koizumi a high school student who is an aloof cool beauty but unexpectedly she is an avid ramen fan and loves to tryout new types of ramen every day.

The manga is written and illustrated by Narumi Naru, who launched the manga in the year 2013, in Takeshobo’s Manga life storia magazine.

Ramen daisuki koizumi san manga gets anime
Ramen daisuki koizumi san manga gets anime

The early 23rd issue of the Manga life storia magazine will ship on Wednesday with the TV Anime news announcement.

However its been said that more information will be revealed in the future issues including the release date of the anime series.

Manga has live action adaptation too! but not much episodes

The manga has Japanese live action drama series adaptation which is kinda fun as well as its quite weird to watch to watch but unfortunately it has only four episodes. Going by the less number of episodes and the Manga, we can speculate that this anime series will have 10-12 episodes of run-time.

[News Source – Comic Natalie]

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